Shades of Blue Agent Stahl: Who is he?

Agent Robert Stahl is back on Shades of Blue
Agent Robert Stahl is back on Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue has everyone paying attention right now. As the final season plays out, Agent Robert Stahl is back and ready to get to Harlee, no matter the cost.

As Season 2 of Shades of Blue came to a close, fans watched as Harlee cut her wrists to free herself from Agent Stahl. He captured her and was holding her prisoner in a remote area. Stahl was never apprehended after the attack.

Harlee has been fixated on him since escaping his grip. She doesn’t feel safe, and now, we know why. Shades of Blue shared a little bit about what happened to Agent Stahl once Harlee escaped. He is back in town and stalking his victim again.

Agent Robert Stahl was hired to be Harlee’s handler. He was supposed to get her to slip on her crew, mainly Wozniak. He threatened her with her daughter as leverage, something he knew she would care about. When tracking her, Agent Stahl went a little overboard and he became obsessed with Harlee.

Things are far from over where this is concerned, especially with Agent Stahl watching Harlee up close. She feels like he is there but no one is believing her. With this being the last season of Shades of Blue coupled with how the season opened, there is speculation that Harlee may kill Agent Stahl in the near future.

Warren Kole has held the role since the beginning, originating it back in Season 1. Agent Stahl is creepy, something Kole has a knack for playing. As the series ties up loose ends and the finale looms near, fans are interested in how Stahl’s journey will end.

Shades of Blue airs on Sundays at 10/9c on NBC. 

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