Seeking Sister Wife star Bernie McGee dead at 41

Bernie and Paige in happier days. Pic credit: Discovery/TLC
Bernie and Paige in happier days on Seeking Sister Wife. Pic credit: Discovery/TLC

Sad news to share as TLC star Bernie McGee from Seeking Sister Wife has died.

The news broke on social media that the big burly man who was at loggerheads with his wife about the sister wife life died suddenly this weekend.

The news spread on social media by people close to them that he had died.

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Based on a post from the admin of the closed Facebook group for Paige McGee (via Starcasm), EMT’s tried to save Bernie and the cause of death was possibly heart attack or heat stroke

On Seeking Sister Wife, Bernie and Paige tried to procure a second wife candidate, Brandy, in the recent season of the polygamy series.

He also tried to explain to his son John how many wives were acceptable to have and how the logistics of their sex lives played out. It was one of the most awkward father and son chats about the sister wife life ever.

Dad Explains His New Polygamy Lifestyle to His Son | Seeking Sister Wife

One of the problems with Bernie last season was his boundary issues, using text messages to contact other women against Paige’s wishes.

Seeking Sister Wife star Paige McGee was adamant she wanted a “best friend” while Bernie was looking for a far more romantic relationship.

Paige and Bernie McGee arrested for felony stalking

Appearing to be very concerned about Paige’s reputation, Bernie posted a bit of a rant defending her reputation concerning allegations of a drug rehab stint.

He said: “Guys… come on, let’s be fair. Number one, If your mind is automatically gonna go to drug rehab for somebody spending time in the hospital, think about what your life decisions are.”

Bernie McGee from Seeking Sister Wife rant

TLC described the couple as borderline homesteaders who were living in a camper after a fire destroyed their house.

The couple has two young sons and two dogs and despite the close confines, they were reportedly “seeking a sister wife for several years, but their previous attempts sparked jealousy in Paige.”

Paige’s intense jealousy undermined the couple’s efforts to secure a third marriage participant.

Condolences to Paige McGee and Bernie’s friends and family.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on TLC.

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