SEAL Team Season 7: Plot, premiere date, cast, and everything else we know

David Boreanaz on SEAL Team
SEAL Team is ending very soon. Pic credit: Paramount+.

It’s been a long hiatus without SEAL Team, but the series is returning shortly to Paramount+.

The show has had a long history since premiering on CBS in 2017.

After its fourth season, the show was shifted to a streaming platform to keep it alive as CBS went in a different direction.

The show is gearing up for one last season to say goodbye to the Bravo Team.

In doing so, SEAL Team will have to wrap up seven years worth of storylines in a relatively short time.

Monsters and Critics has done all the digging about the last installment, so you don’t have to.

Check out everything there is to know about SEAL Team Season 7 below.

When will SEAL Team Season 7 premiere?

After numerous delays, Paramount+ has confirmed that SEAL Team Season 7 will premiere on Sunday, August 11.

Two new episodes will be available on the premiere date, followed by one per week through its series finale, set to air in late September.

However, the streaming service could incorporate a midseason hiatus to move the finale further into the year.

We should have more clarity on that situation nearer to the season premiere.

However, given that the series has wrapped filming already, it will only be split into two half-seasons if the streaming service needs content to bridge a gap.

Thankfully, there’s more content on the air now due to the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

How many episodes have been ordered for SEAL Team Season 7?

SEAL Team Season 7 will span just 10 episodes, which aligns with SEAL Team Season 6.

The move to streaming has meant the show has taken on shorter episode orders.

While it means the series has far less ground to cover, it does mean that some storylines won’t get the time to shine.

Hopefully, these final episodes have longer run times because countless arcs need to end well.

Will SEAL Team Season 7 set up the planned movie?

Paramount+ announced a SEAL Team movie in 2022, but the streaming service kept quiet about the project.

It’s possible that the movie has been scrapped and will never see the light of day, given how there has been no update on it since.

However, it’s also probable that the final season could segue into a planned movie spinoff that will pick up after the series finale.

That would be a great way to keep the franchise alive in some capacity and allow the cast to go on to new projects.

SEAL Team Season 7 cast: Who’s in? Who’s out?

SEAL Team Season 7 will feature returning cast members David Boreanaz (Jason Hayes), Neil Brown Jr. (Ray Perry), AJ Buckley (Sonny Quinn), Toni Trucks (Lisa Davis), and Raffi Barsoumian (Omar Hamza).

Meanwhile, Dylan Walsh of Superman & Lois has been confirmed to join the cast in the recurring role of Captain Walch.

He’s joined by new series regular Beau Knapp, who is set to play Drew Franklin.

Max Thieriot, who is now headlining Fire Country, will not be back after Clay Spenser’s shocking Season 6 death.

What is SEAL Team Season 7 about?

SEAL Team Season 7 will have to pick up with answers about what happened to the Bravo Team following Jason’s admission and how everyone else joined him to reveal their own ailments throughout their careers.

“In the final season, Jason Hayes (Boreanaz) struggles to balance his warrior’s existence with the responsibilities of single fatherhood. Ray Perry (Brown Jr.), his trusted second in command, questions whether he will be able to leave the battlefield behind as his retirement nears,” the logline teases.

“Dedicated door-kicker Sonny Quinn (Buckley) battles against changing tides as Jason and Ray’s shifting focus means that other teammates must shoulder more responsibility,” Paramount+ adds.

“Ripped away from their loved ones at a moment’s notice to be deployed across the globe, Bravo team remains dedicated to their duties. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, they know this is the price to keep the families they left behind safe,” the network continues.

There’s so much to cover in the last episodes that we expect a time jump to kick things off.

The trailer showcases a very different Jason as he tries to navigate his life following his brush with Command during the Season 6 finale.

The footage indicates that Sonny and Davis are getting closer together, which could mean good things for fan-favorites.

No matter how often they’ve tried to make it work, something’s pulled them apart.

Another relationship that seems to be in a good place is Jason and Mandy’s.

The pair get caught up in some passionate moments throughout the trailer.

SEAL Team Season 7 premieres Sunday, August 11, 2024, exclusively on Paramount+.

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