Say Yes: Wedding SOS brings sexy back for Lisa and Vinnie in series premiere

George Kotsiopoulos (L)
Lisa and Vinnie are less than a week away from their big day, but ask George to help them get their mojo back

New series Say Yes: Wedding SOS focuses on makeovers, not just for the woman but for the couple about to wed.

Engaged Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania couple Lisa and Vinnie tell host George Kotsiopoulos that they have stopped dating.

They live together and love each other, but the day-to-day task of rearing their adorable one and half-year-old baby boy, Vincenzo, has taken a toll on their own grooming. Baby comes first in this house!

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Despite their obvious love for each other, the couple readily admits that they have pretty much given up on keeping their style mojo, which we learn used to exist before their boy Vincenzo came along.

In the first clip, we see how Vinnie has stopped “manscaping” where he shares how he used to groom his eyebrows and spend time on his hair, which seems to have a mind of its own now.

Say Yes: Wedding SOS - 102 It's Time for A Makeover!

Lisa yearns to look as young as she feels and is hoping a makeover will make her look 25 years-old again.

Say Yes host George steps over all the baby clutter and has graciously taken over babysitting duties so that the couple can have a romantic getaway and share a candlelit al fresco dinner as they jumpstart their relationship ahead of the big day.

George Kotsiopoulos
George gives baby Vincenzo a wardrobe intervention!

George hilariously reviews baby Vincenzo’s wardrobe choices while his parents are wining and dining out on the town.

Watch the “after” clip as this couple realizes their style intervention was long overdue and get it together before their wedding day!

Say Yes: Wedding SOS airs Saturday, January 20th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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