Say Yes To The Dress England exclusive: Tracey brings her ex-husband and his wife to select gown

Tracy (center) is selecting a new gown with the help of some unlikely friends. Pic credit; TLC.
Tracey (center) is selecting a new gown with the help of some unlikely friends. Pic credit; TLC.

On a new reality series from TLC airing this weekend, Say Yes To The Dress England throws viewers a crazy curveball as new bride-to-be Tracey has a crew of people helping her select her gown, including an unlikely pair of pals.

In the exclusive below, Tracey opens the clip explaining her shopping trip and the people who are with her.

Smiling for the camera, she says: “My name is Tracey, and today I have brought with me my sister Amy…one of my closest friends Allie, and I’ve brought Paul and Tracy who happened to be my ex-husband and his new wife.”

She says of Paul and the “new” Tracy:

“We have family parties together we go on holidays together. Some people would probably consider it weird to have your ex-husband dress shopping with you, but for me, it’s just like having one of my oldest friends.”

And like the American counterpart, TLC’s new wedding series Say Yes to the Dress England features a cracking-good team of stylists and an array of brides-to-be who want the perfect gown for their big day.

Their personalities and often unexpected and hilarious commentary are what make the series so much fun to watch.

The twist for Say Yes To The Dress England premiere:

Fans of this series have seen every type of bridal crew on Say Yes, but this one might take the wedding cake: Tracey, the bride-to-be, has brought along her ex-husband and his new wife also named Tracy. Confusing!

Bride-to-be Tracey is shopping for her new wedding gown, but two of her friends who accompany her for this retail therapy are none other than her first husband, Paul, and the new wife, Tracy.

“We [he and Tracey] were together for such a long time and to lose that would have been a waste,” explains Paul.

Also, Tracey shares that she met her new husband, Kenny, through an online dating service. According to him, it was about three months ago, but Tracy says it was about five years ago. They argue on camera kidding about a romantic seaside setting for their nuptials.

She doesn’t want a traditional dress and loves drama and color and even skulls and roses. She also doesn’t want to spend over 1500 quid.

What is Say Yes To The Dress England?

TLC’s brand-new new spin-off to Say Yes to the Dress is Say Yes To The Dress England, which debuted in early January. The original Say Yes to the Dress has an unbelievable seventeen seasons in the can.

Currently, TLC has the reality franchise in the UK, Australia, and Canada, as well as American cities like Las Vegas.

The new Say Yes to the Dress England will star the family-owned Ava Rose Hamilton boutique, which features similarly to the famous Kleinfeld Bridal, and is found in the town of Lancashire in England.

“You don’t scare me, mum does!” is one quote that we hear from stylist Gok Wan, who is the star consultant of the show. He is truly an expert and has written several books about fashion and self-confidence, and has previously starred on Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire.

Gok brings the attitude, the humor, and the irrepressible “can-do” attitude and English charm to the mix.

Say Yes to the Dress England exclusive preview:

Say Yes To The Dress England airs Saturday at 9 pm ET/PT on TLC.

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