Sanskrit texts containing advanced alien knowledge about flying vehicles on Ancient Aliens

Images of the Pushpaka Vimana, a glowing golden flying palace
The Pushpaka Vimana is more like a flying building or temple than a vehicle

This week Ancient Aliens looks at some ancient Sanskrit text from India for evidence of advanced aliens teachings.

Many ancient astronaut theorists think that not only did aliens visit us in the distant past but that they also left a legacy of knowledge to be passed down through the ages. They theorise that it was this information that allowed the ancient civilisations of Egypt and India to construct the huge temples and monuments that still fuel our imaginations today. They also believe many other technologies to do with mathematics and medicine were also passed in ancient texts.

Some of these texts are said to be in India and written in Sanskrit, one of the oldest religious Indo-European languages that has extensive documentation. Some of these texts are said to detail not just sophisticated construction techniques but also details on brain surgery and even some plans for building flying machines known as Vimana.

Drawing of Shakuna Vimana, a sort of flying ship building
The Shakuna Vimana looks like a sort of elaborate flying ship

The Vimana are flying vehicles or buildinga that are often described as a palace or chariot. They appear in various Hindu text and epic poems and in some Jain works.

The word itself is Sanskrit and means measuring out or having measured out. This has passed through to some modern Indian languages where the word now means aircraft.

Previously the show has looked at the possibility that Hindu gods like Shiva were actually alien leaders who came to Earth to impart knowledge.

Last week the show examined the idea that all human knowledge and experience is actually stored in another dimension and that it can be tapped into via the Akashic records.

Ancient Aliens airs on Fridays at 9:00 PM on History Channel.

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