Ryan Hurst joining The Walking Dead as Beta: Everything you need to know

Ryan Hurst as Beta on The Walking Dead
Ryan Hurst as Beta on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

Actor Ryan Hurst is joining The Walking Dead cast as Beta. He plays an important character that will have a huge impact on the show during the second half of Season 9.

Now that AMC viewers have become aware of the Whisperers, thanks to the latest episode of The Walking Dead, it’s time to start rolling out some of the bigger characters.

When the show returns in early 2019, The Walking Dead viewers will be introduced to Beta. He is basically second-in-command for this new group of strangers called the Whisperers. He is also more dangerous than Negan was to the survivors.

Who is Ryan Hurst?

An actor who has starred in memorable films and television shows, Ryan Hurst is now bringing his talents to The Walking Dead cast.

One of the roles that Hurst is best known for was as Gerry Bertier in the classic movie, Remember the Titans. Hurst was also seen as Harry Winston (Opie) on Sons of Anarchy, Chick Hogan on Bates Motel, and Li’l Foster Farrell on the Outsiders television show.

Who is Beta in the Walking Dead cast?

Beta is a violent problem solver for the Whisperers who works for the leader, Alpha. Beta appears in the first trailer for Season 9B of the show (seen below) and is about to become a recurring member of The Walking Dead cast.

The first episode that Beta will appear in is the midseason premiere of the show. If the character is anything like we’ve seen in the comics, violence is going to follow him around. He might even end up making Negan look tame in comparison.

Ryan Hurst as Beta has already been teased in the sneak peek for The Walking Dead Season 9B, raising the stakes for the survivors and adding a new twist to how the show will play out. He works for Alpha, who will be played by actress Samantha Morton when the show returns in February.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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