Robin Roberts tells GMA co-host ‘Not a chance’ after return to show in wild Oscars segment

gma anchor robin roberts face shot from abc
Robin Roberts appears during a Good Morning America segment. Pic credit: ABC

Robin Roberts told her Good Morning America co-star “Not a chance” during a wild TV segment that included their colleagues.

After missing GMA in New York last week, Roberts returned to the studio for episodes on Monday and Tuesday.

Her co-anchor, Michael Strahan, was out both days, likely due to spending time with family or other significant events.

However, Roberts and Strahan appeared together in a recent piece of movie magic for viewers.

With the Oscars this past weekend, it also meant Oscars afterparties, and GMA was part of the festivities.

The group participated in a crazy, fun spoof of one of the top award contenders throughout the 2024 awards season.

Roberts tells Strahan ‘Not a chance’ during a televised GMA segment

With ABC providing coverage of the 96th Academy Awards, there was also an Oscars afterparty during Monday’s GMA featuring extended coverage of the awards show.

As part of the Oscars afterparty, GMA’s Strahan and Roberts appeared in a funny Barbie spoof video that included them breaking out of lifesized Barbie boxes and jumping into a pink Barbie convertible, just like in the movie.

While driving away from Barbieland, they were surprised when GMA meteorologist Ginger Zee suddenly popped up in the back seat. Ginger wore a Barbie-themed pink dress and blonde wig and had a noticeable dark circle around one eye.

“What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” Ginger asked as the two GMA anchors turned to see her, then looked at one another and started screaming in fright.

With that, the car also went airborne and flipped over, with everyone safe upon landing.

“That was weird,” Strahan said after Ginger disappeared from the backseat after popping in briefly to say hello.

Roberts and Strahan continued their drive past a pink roadside billboard sign with “Good Morning America This Way” on it.

Soon after, the footage dropped the fake aspects and graphics. Roberts was now behind the wheel of an actual pink Lamborghini with Strahan in the passenger’s seat.

As they were stopped briefly, Strahan asked Roberts if he could drive the expensive sports car.

“Not a chance,” Roberts said, but told him he could put the top up so it wouldn’t mess up her hair.

The duo then drove to and through New York City’s Times Square to get to GMA’s studio.

Other colleagues, including Lara Spencer, George Stephanopoulos, and Sam Champion, had funny cameo appearances in the video. One moment featured Lara in a colorful outfit as she rollerbladed on the sidewalk and waved to her friends as they drove by.

Roberts was back to work after studio absences

With the Oscars on Sunday, Roberts returned for Good Morning America on Monday and was back again Tuesday.

As mentioned, she was missing from GMA’s NYC studio for multiple days last week, but that was because she was traveling for work.

One of her assignments took her to Iowa, where she interviewed Caitlin Clark, the new all-time scoring leader in NCAA Division I basketball.

From there, Roberts headed to Nashville, Tennessee, to interview and party with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

She also revealed that she would be heading to Los Angeles, California, during her busy travel plans last week. On Monday’s GMA, she shared part of an ABC News interview with Christina Applegate and Jamie Lynn-Sigler about their battles with multiple sclerosis.

Despite having several quick trips around the country, Roberts admitted she loved traveling because her father had previously been in the Air Force. However, the East Coast is her home right now.

She returned to the NYC studio smiling Monday morning for GMA’s fun Oscars afterparty along with co-anchor Stephanopoulos, Strahan’s replacement, Rebecca Jarvis, and others.

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I liked Michael a lot!!! He was a big draw to GMA!