Robin Roberts shares message with fans about ‘bitterness’ ahead of GMA absence

robin roberts face shot during good morning america segment
Robin Roberts was absent from the latest Good Morning America. Pic credit: ABC

Robin Roberts shared a message about “bitterness” and “emotions” before her latest absence from Good Morning America.

Earlier this week, the popular GMA anchor presented her message to fans and followers from her dressing room.

“We don’t realize how much our emotions, thoughts, and attitudes affect us physically,” she shared with everyone.

“If our soul is unhealthy, it will spill over into our physical health,” she continued.

Part of Robin’s message included her mentioning how our physical health might take a toll if someone is up all night worrying about an issue.

“It might be related to bitterness over what someone did years ago,” she shared.

Robin presented her message about ‘bitterness’ to her fans

As she delivered her latest message, Robin was with her Glam Fam crew, which includes the stylists who assist with hair and makeup.

The latest remarks from the GMA star were part of one of the morning messages and prayer videos she shared regularly throughout the week.

“You can not take in toxins and not expect it to affect you negatively,” she said as part of her message.

“Is your soul healthy?” Robin asked those watching her video.

She spoke about emptying out the “worrying” and “discouragement” and allowing God to fill one’s soul “with joy and healing.”

From there, Robin delivered the daily prayer and received an “Amen” from her Glam Fam crew.

She tagged her social media post with “#thankfulthursday” and “#happyfridayeve.”

Robin closed the video by asking commenters to share what they are most grateful for.

Robin had a replacement on the recent GMA episode

Robin regularly misses Friday episodes of Good Morning America. That was the case for March 1.

As the morning program opened, viewers saw Robin’s co-hosts, Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos, seated at the desk. Rebecca Jarvis filled in for Robin.

Jarvis shared an Instagram post calling it a “fun Friday” before the weekend arrives. In one photo, Jarvis poses with Strahan, meteorologist Sam Champion, and guest Scott Foley in one of her photos.

Viewers have regularly seen the GMA anchors take time off from the show, with Stephanopoulos generally appearing at the desk the most.

Late last year, Strahan missed considerable time due to his personal family matters to support his daughter Isabella during her health scare, surgery, and rehabilitation.

He took a week off earlier this year as Isabella started chemotherapy treatments.

Robin has often shared on her social media about upcoming projects or trips she’s part of. That has included her attending the Sundance International Film Festival in Park City, Utah, earlier this year.

Her Glam Fam crew and wife, Amber Laign, were with her for that trip. In recent weeks, she has also unveiled a new television project that premiered on History in early February.

So it’s very likely the hardworking Robin Roberts is either working on something else or enjoying a nice break from GMA to spend time with Amber.

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