Michael Strahan replaced on GMA as he misses show after spending time with daughter following surgery

gma star michael strahan face shot from abc
Michael Strahan was with family this weekend before missing several GMA episodes. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Strahan has missed Good Morning America following recent reports of his daughter’s surgery.

Strahan’s 19-year-old daughter, Isabella Strahan, revealed she had brain surgery as she continues her recovery after the removal of a brain cancer tumor late last year.

Strahan has been absent from various episodes of GMA as his daughter’s recovery continues, and another familiar anchor has replaced him.

On Monday’s installment, viewers were greeted by Robin Roberts with GMA’s other regular, George Stephanopoulos.

Rebecca Jarvis was back as a replacement, filling in for Strahan during the show.

Strahan was once again missing on Tuesday, with Jarvis in his spot alongside Roberts and Stephanopoulos.

Michael Strahan attended a basketball game with his daughters

The former NFL star’s recent absences from GMA arrived after he’d spent time with Isabella and her twin sister, Sophia.

The trio attended this past Saturday’s basketball game at Duke University as the Blue Devils played their rivals, the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Per The Sun, Sophia shared a photo from the game on her social media, where she tagged her dad and sister.

That image showed the college basketball game in progress, with Duke losing to North Carolina, 54-46.

Strahan’s daughter, Sophia, attends Duke, while Isabella attends the University of Southern California.

Last month, Strahan was seen attending a game with Sophia and his girlfriend, Kayla Quick, and a Twitter account shared a fan photo of them in the crowd.

While Strahan often supports Sophia’s school at their events, they witnessed a loss to their ACC rivals in Saturday’s final regular season game. They’ll next play in the ACC Tournament and then the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

Isabella revealed emergency surgery and a surprise visit from her favorite singer

Strahan’s recent appearance at the Duke game and subsequent absences from GMA arrived after Isabella revealed her emergency surgery.

As she revealed on GMA in an interview earlier this year, she began suffering worsening headaches while away for college. That caused concern as her family took her to get checked out, and she was diagnosed with a rare condition known as medulloblastoma.

It resulted in surgery to remove a brain cancer tumor, followed by radiotherapy, rehabilitation, and other tests. She began chemotherapy treatments within the past several weeks.

Last week, Isabella uploaded several vlogs on her YouTube channel with updates about her health. In one, she spoke about experiencing several fevers, which put her in the hospital for tests and ultimately required another surgery.

She revealed after a surgery that she was “screaming in pain” after, as they had to cut into the scar on her head from her previous surgery to clean things up. Isabella also had her head wrapped in bandages following the procedure.

Isabella has had various procedures, treatments, and surgeries performed at Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center and spent time with her father and sister at the college game.

In addition, she recently shared that she met the “man of [her] dreams” as singer Bryson Tiller stopped by Strahan’s home to brighten Isabella’s spirits.

In her GMA interview earlier this year, Isabella said she was looking forward to when she could return to USC and enjoy her “school experience.”

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Gayle johnson
Gayle johnson
29 days ago

Michael Strahan is right where he should be, with his daughter. Life holds no promises.. God bless the family.

Maude Saint flavin.
Maude Saint flavin.
28 days ago

It’s so important and joyful to see how much Michael Strahan is a loving Dad and responsible parent. Even though, there are other Dad who would love to do / acting the same way with their child during such a needed time but, the possibility is not in their favor. He is the HERO of his daughter for being there for her so, she can be feeling stronger in anything she’s doing and going through. May the Almighty God continues to bless and protect this family specially Michael Strahan and his daughter. So one day after her total recovery I believe in Jesus Christ name! He can say thank you dear Lord for not, letting me waisting my time when I didn’t put my job first but, the beautiful human being who is my daughter and her health matters first for this wonderful result. For, I knew how much my presence worth for heer at the moment and specially each moment I could be there for her in order to support her and let her understand that, she’s not alone in this. Please God I do my part. The rest I cannot do is all yours thank you 💗🙏👍👏🌟💌

Sherri Virnig
Sherri Virnig
24 days ago

I’m so sorry for everything you are going through. Try to stay positive! My Son has spits on lungs. Having chemo every 20 days, for 3 days, for rest of his life. He’s so positive about it all!

Betty Leach
Betty Leach
24 days ago

This is unreal and I have watched gma for over 40 years but tomorrow morning my tv channel will be on another station. Michael is the best of everything! God Bless you and your family Michael ❤️