RHONJ: Joe Giudice’s daughters struggle with his imprisonment plus Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga talk man to man

The Real Housewives of New Jersey
With dad, Joe Giudice, in prison the girls are finding it hard on The Real Housewives of New Jersey

On this episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa and the girls deal with life without Joe plus Jacqueline and Melissa’s spat has wider consequences.

Teresa is facing up to life without Joe as he starts his prison term. She and the kids are struggling a bit and one of the girls says “we’re going to have grey hair by he time dad gets out.”

Dolores and Jacqueline aren’t speaking at the moment. Dolores says that Jacqueline accused her of trying to make her look bad as a no show, even though she couldn’t make it.

Though she does eventually admit she lost her temper and said “F*** you!.”

Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga have a chat to try to clear the air. Joe tells Chris he respects him for sticking up for his wife but reminds him that Jacqueline went “buck wild” on Melissa.

Chris denies this, but you only have to check the footage to see she really went for it and was way out of order. She leaned across the table aggressively pointing and shouting “you’re a fake, phoney bitch.  PHONEY!”

Joe wonders if they were at the same dinner…

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