RHOBH recap: Lisa Rinna has selective memory about Kyle and Kim Richards

Nobody’s having fun in Mexico after Kyle busts Lisa Rinna for talking about her sister Kim

The whole Mexico trip goes downhill as soon as Lisa Rinna arrives on this week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Eden is all the way back in Los Angeles, but she’s managed to wreak havoc without being present. Kyle’s furious, and Rinna left the party sobbing after being confronted with the things Eden told the girls she said.

Last week’s episode ended when Rinna arrive at the villa in Mexico, and Kyle treated her with icy disdain.

“I’m looking at her and thinking, I know what you did, what you said. And I’m pissed off,” Kyle says. But she doesn’t confront her immediately.

Later, everybody goes to an opening party for Mauricio’s new real estate enterprise in Mexico.

Kyle requests more tequila in her margarita, while she worries about how to deal with Rinna’s remarks about Kim not being sober, and Kyle being Kim’s enabler.

Rinna doesn’t have a clue that anything is wrong, until Erika tells her she’s in trouble.

“Eden has inserted herself in Kim and Kyle’s relationship. And now she’s sort of inserted you, too,” Erika says.

“These things have real impact and it needs to be cleared up between the two of them,” Erika says. I really do like her more each episode.

So Rinna approaches Kyle in the middle of the party. And Kyle tells her why she’s upset, and what Eden told Lisa that Rinna said about her and Kim.

“What the hell? What the f***? I can’t remember this,” Rinna says in interview. She better go back and watch the footage. We just did.

“I do not ever remember saying that,” Rinna says. But, you did.

“Seems to me there’s a great case of selective memory going on,” Lisa Vanderpump says. Yep, I think so, too.

“This is like the biggest game of telephone ever,” Erika says. That’s what I said last week!

Rinna claims she’s been careful with her words, and Lisa calls her out for bringing up Kim’s arrests a few weeks ago. #BUSTED

“You don’t think in that moment that you said those things she said you said?” Kyle asks.

Then Rinna says that IF she did say it, she didn’t do it in a mean way. Kyle doesn’t believe her. Nobody believes she wouldn’t remember saying those things. I don’t believe her. Unless she’s taking all that Xanax she carries around in her purse.

Lisa does an EXCELLENT “own it own it” impression of Rinna in interview, remembering how Rinna treated her last season.

“I really would love to give her the benefit of the doubt, but just because of all the things she’s said in the past…” Kyle says she doesn’t trust Rinna anymore in interview.

Rinna is blaming it all on Eden.

“She f****d you,” Kyle says.

“Right in the ass,” Rinna turns and slaps her own butt.

Rinna goes outside on the pool deck to cry by herself. Dorit and Erika follow to make sure she’s okay.

“Dorit, I just can’t do it. I want to go home. I want to be with my family,” Rinna sobs.

Lisa Rinna falls completely apart outside the party, sobbing that she just wants to go home

“I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to go down this road. I just want to go home,” Rinna cries on Dorit’s shoulder, literally.

“I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back. Please take the knife out of my back because it’s not okay with me,” Rinna yells, hysterical. “I did not know any of this was going on. And now I can’t deal with this.”

“I am so mad at Eden Sassoon right now.” Rinna says she’s “too good for this bulls**t”.

Meanwhile, Lisa is getting Kyle worked up, pointing out that Rinna got busted saying the same sort of stuff last year.

Eileen and Rinna make an early getaway. Eileen’s sick, and everybody’s mad at Rinna. Erika decides to follow and make sure they’re both okay.

“I’m not going to ignore someone that’s in pain,” Erika says.

“Rinna does have rage and regret syndrome,” Lisa reminds everybody.

Back at the villa, Rinna is still really upset. She just wants to go home.

“My life is too good. I can’t be with another sick person,” Rinna cries to Erika.

Erika tells Rinna that she needs to come clean if she said those things.

“If I did it, I will cop to it,” Rinna promises. Oh boy.

“I bet she’ll get around to owning it,” Erika predicts.

In the shuttle on the way back, Lisa appears a little drunk. First, she proposes swapping spouses to the group, and then she shows everybody her panties to prove she’s not wearing granny panties.

Lisa Vanderpump pulling up her dress, and pulling down her knickers

PK jokes about coming to her room.

“I’ll be on the floor, barking like a dog,” Lisa promises. Ugh.

Meanwhile, back home, Eden gets together with her mom, Beverly Adams. Beverly and Eden have both been sober four years. And Eden dumps all over her mom about how all her new friends are rejecting her advice.

“I see these two women…and it’s almost like I see Cat and Eden,” Eden tells her mom.

“It’s not your life,” her mom says. “You my dear are powerless over other people’s lives…some people don’t want to interact that way… and that’s okay, because it’s not your life.”

Her mom basically tells her to mind her own business, the same thing everybody else has been saying.

Afterwards, her mom tells her she’s drained. Eden has that effect on everybody.

The day after the party blowup, Lisa and Ken are leaving Mexico. The rest of the crew goes out on a yacht together (no, Rinna didn’t leave).

Kyle and Rinna stay on opposite sides of the boat. Eileen and Rinna have a snark session about Lisa.

“I don’t tell Lisa Vanderpump to mind her own business because that’s not what she does. She’s not going to mind her own business,” Rinna says.

“So now, she wants more than anything for me to go down, bam,” Rinna says, claiming Lisa just wants revenge for when Rinna busted her last year.

“She was so gleeful last night. She was having an orgasm, in her pink dress…she loved every minute of it,” Rinna says. Yep, that’s true. Lisa pretty much did a happy dance.

Most jaw-dropping moment:

When they play Erika’s song “Painkiller” on the boat, and Rinna gets up and does a sexy crawl-on-the-table dance.

Eileen looks kinda horrified. Dorit’s super snarky about it in interview. Any other time, it might have been funny. But given the vibe on the boat, it was just weird.

Questions we were left asking

  • What’s with Lisa Vanderpump’s “I dream of Genie” hairdos lately? It’s not a good look on her.
  • Do all these women travel with full beauty teams? No way Dorit did her own perfect triple french braid for the boat trip.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9/8 c on Bravo.

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