Zac Clark defends his ex-fiancee Tayshia Adams against haters

Zac Clark
Zac Clark defends his ex-fiancee. Pic credit: ABC

When Season 16 of The Bachelorette started, fans thought they were in for the long haul with that season’s leading woman, Clare Crawley.

However, after just a few short weeks, Clare had only one man on her mind, and when Dale Moss proposed, she said yes and the two then left the show early.

Tayshia Adams had no idea when the filming started for that season that she would be stepping in and filling Clare’s shoes after she left all of the other men still there wanting to find love.

After going through her own journey as The Bachelorette, Tayshia chose her winner as Zac Clark, they got engaged in the finale, and then they broke it off almost one year later. It was during the special that Tayshia was seen as extremely emotional over the break-up, and it didn’t seem as if the two parted on good terms at all.

Now Zac Clark has addressed a troll and defended Tayshia

While in Newport Beach, California, recently, Tayshia took to Instagram to show off her toned body and out-there bust in a blue two-piece swimsuit as she walked along the beach.

She captioned her three photos by saying, “Just out here lookin’ for Kim and Pete… But also, that Newport sun hits different.”

While most comments were supportive and full of hearts and fire flame emojis, one person had some negative feedback for Tayshia, and her ex-fiance, Zac Clark wasn’t going to let it slide without defending her.

What did one critic say about Tayshia?

As most fans love Tayshia and her fashion statements, one user had some things to say about Tayshia’s post and photos. She started off by declaring, “I think you need to get over yourself. Remember when you dated @zwclark and didn’t constantly post selfies and boobs and bikinis of yourself?”

This same person went on to state, “Yeah get back to that honey @tayshia because nobody cares at how fancy you think you are. You’re still a girl from a reality show with a guy who cheated on you….. “

One person says rude and mean things about Tayshia Adams on her Instagram post.
Pic credit: @tayshia/Instagram

Zac clapped back at the woman trolling Tayshia

Despite being broken up for over half a year, Zac defended Tayshia against this Instagram troll and had his own things to say.

As he started off by tagging the critic in his response, he also wrote, “Congrats!! You got me! My first, and hopefully last, ‘clapback’! Enough is enough.”

Zac continued on with, “One of the problems with social media is it gives people like you a voice and unwarranted power. The truth is, we see this s**t, I see this s**t. It is hard to avoid and it is just not nice, especially when you have no idea what you are talking about/you just make s**t up. I struggle to see why you would be mean for no reason, being kind is so much easier, I promise.”

He then ended his rant back by stating, “So @tayshia f— the noise and keep doing your thing. Wear the clothes you want to wear, take the videos you want to take and keep shining. I know you and I know you to be a really good person.”

Zac Clark claps back at the said troll on Tayshia's post.
Pic credit: @tayshia/Instagram

Whether or not Tayshia appreciated the response from her ex-fiance against the woman who was trolling her, it does seem, according to his post and him taking the time to defend his ex, as if Zac thinks highly of her and only wants the best for her moving forward.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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