Yes, Colton Underwood really did bring his baby blanket with him to Panama for Beyond the Edge

Former Bachelor star, Colton Underwood now stars in the CBS competition show, Beyond the Edge.
Colton Underwood stars in the new CBS competition show, Beyond the Edge. Pic credit: Netflix

Colton Underwood has made his return to primetime television in the new CBS show, Beyond the Edge.

The Bachelor alum, who recently announced his engagement, is continuing his reality TV run in the series that follows a similar format as Survivor, sending contestants to the jungles of Panama to compete in physical challenges.

The show, which features various celebrities from sports, television, and music, aims to raise money for charities that are meaningful to the contestants.

Colton brings a piece of home to Panama

Colton shared that each participant was able to bring a personal item with them as they traveled to Panama. He opened up to People Magazine about choosing to bring his baby blanket, which he named Deedee.

The reality star went on to say that he often used the blanket as a pillow during filming and the long, lonely nights in the jungle.

The show strips contestants of their normal luxuries and conveniences as they push themselves outside of their comfort zones. Colton admitted this was a bit of a struggle for him, and actually impacted his sleeping each night.

He added, “I need white noise, I need the air conditioning maxed out, and I need the right pillow to get a good night’s sleep. I didn’t have any of that.”

Colton shared that learning to communicate was beneficial for him on the show. He says that he used skills he built up on The Bachelor to help create friendships while filming. In particular, the former Bachelor knew how to ask questions and really listen to the answers.

One of the biggest differences with Beyond the Edge from other similar shows is that there are no eliminations or judges on the show. Contestants compete in challenges and decide for themselves when they’ve had enough and can no longer continue competing.

Despite the show’s challenges and lack of conveniences, Colton says that he valued the time he spent participating in the show.

Colton’s life after The Bachelor

Since his last appearance on network television starring in The Bachelor, Colton’s life has changed quite a bit. He decided to publicly come out, opening up about his sexuality.

He also starred in Coming out Colton on Netflix where he shared how his family, religious beliefs, and stardom impacted his thoughts and feelings about being an openly gay man.

He has also found love with Jordan C. Brown, and the two are now engaged. Jordan popped the question just after they celebrated Colton’s 30th birthday earlier this year. The two are planning their wedding and hoping to start a family some time in the future.

Beyond the Edge airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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