Yara Zaya details rude 90 Day Fiance fan who ‘humiliated’ her in public

Yara Zaya confessional
A rude 90 Day Fiance viewer approached Yara Zaya at the mall. Pic credit: TLC

Yara Zaya shared a story of an encounter with a rude 90 Day Fiance fan who approached her at a mall and “humiliated” her.

90 Day Fiance star Yara and her husband, Jovi Dufren, were out running errands when Yara decided to share what she called a “funny story.”

Recording a video for her Instagram Stories from her car as Jovi drove, Yara told her 635k IG followers, “So you guys, sometimes I wonder what is in people’s heads.”

Yara continued with her story, detailing how she and Jovi were at the mall getting some Christmas shopping done when a woman came up to her yelling her name.

The woman couldn’t believe it was really Yara and Jovi and gushed over meeting the reality TV stars. However, the stranger’s behavior soon got out of line.

Yara described the woman as pointing her finger at her face, saying, “You are so bad to Jovi! You are so bad! You are such a b***h to Jovi!”

Disgruntled 90 Day Fiance fan ‘humiliates’ Yara Zaya in public

Yara said the woman carried on, telling Yara how much she didn’t like her but called Jovi her “boy.”

Yara said that she explained to the woman that she and Jovi love each other and that everything is fine between them. The TLC star was “totally humiliated” by the woman’s actions, as she was loudly announcing that Yara was from 90 Day Fiance while insulting her.

Then, the woman had the gall to ask to take a picture with Yara because no one would believe she had met the reality TV star. Yara, shocked by the woman’s audacity, told her no.

Yara explained to the woman that she had just humiliated her in front of a crowd of people, called her a mean b***h, and wouldn’t grant her a photo op. The woman’s actions “shocked” Yara, but she said she didn’t get mad at the disgruntled fan.

“Normal, happy people would never do this stuff,” Yara continued, noting how she has made strides when it comes to understanding other people. She said that she probably would have reacted differently two years ago and cried after being berated by the woman. But with the help of her psychologist, Yara said she considered that perhaps the woman was having a bad day or had some health issues.

This wasn’t Yara’s first negative encounter with a rude fan of 90 Day Fiance

Interestingly, Yara’s story comes on the heels of her telling her followers recently how she had trouble adjusting to American culture. The Ukraine native admitted that living in the U.S. has helped her not be so shy and strike up small talk with strangers in public.

This also isn’t the first time Yara has shared a story about a negative experience during a shopping excursion. In October 2022, Yara detailed a story about purchasing an expensive bottle of foundation only to come home and find that it was empty.

Yara made the one-hour-long drive back to the beauty store to return the product after claiming the store’s employee knowingly sold it to her empty. Luckily, she received a refund for the product but claimed it was only because the employee recognized her from 90 Day Fiance.

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