Would Royal and Angenette fit into this season of The Family Chantel?

Royal and Agenette
Royal and Angenette have not been a part of Season 3 of The Family Chantel, but there might not have been room for them anyways. Pic credit: TLC

Royal and Angenette Everett have been left out of this season of The Family Chantel, but it appears to be by choice. Even if they did appear in this season, their storyline would most likely get overshadowed by all the other drama that’s been going down.

Royal and Angenette’s wedding and relationship were the focal points of Season 2 but the negative attention from the Everett family proved to be too much for the couple who have opted out of being a part of Season 3 which viewers saw on Episode 1.

Royal Everett and Angenette Everett may not have fit into Season 3 of The Family Chantel

Angenette caused a stir in the Everett family because everyone but Royal thought she was in the relationship for the wrong reasons and that she and Royal were not compatible.

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Between Angenette calling Royal out on their deeply personal issues in front of her friends and his family, and Angenette’s mom allegedly trying to connect with Karen’s brother, there was plenty of room for mistrust.

Now that Royal and Angenette are married and living in the US they may have settled into their lives and enjoy being drama-free away from the cameras and intense family dyanimcs.

This season has proved to be immensely heavy for Winter and Pedro and their issues have involved both their families completely. The drama that Angenette and Royal would bring into the fold would not measure up against what has been going down this season.

Royal and Angenette
Royal and Angenette’s drama with Royal’s family is not as intense as some of the other issues going on in the family. Pic credit: TLC

Season 3 of The Family Chantel has had many shocking moments

Between Pedro’s mother Lidia admitting that she decided to have a second kid with Pedro’s dad after finding out he was married and thinking that was a good opportunity, to Lidia’s other admission that she only cares if her children’s partners have money, Pedro has been blindsided.

This season has been about his pursuit of finding out information on his absent father and why he abandoned him and his sister and it has been leading him down a dark and emotional path.

Winter’s breakup from Jah and the exposure of how toxic their relationship was is also a main storyline this season that has the whole family riled up.

River’s new relationship with 28-year-old single mother Megan also has viewers wondering if she is just chasing clout.

The Family Chantel airs on Mondays on Discovery+.

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