Will Victoria Fuller and Peter Weber cross paths on Bachelor in Paradise?

Victoria and Peter from Bachelor Nation
Will Victoria Fuller and Peter Weber both be on Paradise? Pic credit: ABC

Fans first met Peter Weber when he was vying for the heart of former pageant queen Hannah Brown on her season of The Bachelorette.

Viewers then met Victoria Fuller when it was Peter’s turn for the leading role in Season 24 of The Bachelor.

As the show progressed, fans saw the chemistry between the duo, but unfortunately, Victoria’s alleged past was what ultimately came between the two.

But now fans are speculating on whether or not the twosome will be reunited on Paradise and if that particular connection might return.

Will Victoria Fuller and Peter Weber be back together again?

As places begin filling up for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, there is a great deal of guessing and contemplation happening within Bachelor Nation.

Some viewers have strong opinions on who they want to see on the beach and who they think deserves another chance, and Victoria and Peter have found themselves front and center in many of these opinions.

On Instagram, @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt posted a photo of the twosome and captioned it with, “Could they reconnect in BIP????”

What do Bachelor Nation fans have to say about this matchmaking again?

Most of the Bachelor fans were not on board with these two becoming a duo again. One viewer claimed, “@vlfuller (fire flame emoji) Pete had his chance. I hope she finds (red heart) if she goes (beach emoji).”

Two others also weighed in with their thoughts as they stated, “Please no” and “I hope not.”

Bachelor fans don't want to see Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller together.
Pic credit: @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt/Instagram

A couple of Bachelor Nation fans echoed each other with the same phrase; one put “1000% no. #excuseyouwhat,” and another reiterated with, “Excuse you what?”

One woman even declared, “She’s smarter than that,” while another jokingly but also legitimately inquired, “Will Barb be there??” This question comes after Barb got so involved with Peter’s final women on his season of The Bachelor.

One fan asks if Peter Weber's overbearing mom, Barb, will. bein attendance if he goes.
Pic credit: @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt/Instagram

Barb even had some unkind and blunt words to say about Madison Prewett during the finale and After the Final Rose segment.

This came about after Peter introduced both women to his family, and then again after he broke things off with Hannah Ann Sluss, his original winner, to give it another go with Madison after she broke it off with Peter on the show and self-eliminated.

Fans thought Barb was too involved in Peter’s decision-making and also went way overboard when it came to things she said about, and to, Madison.

Regardless of whether or not Peter and Victoria both show up or not, it doesn’t seem like fans think the two will reconnect on their own, nor does it appear they want them to.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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