Will Peter Weber be returning as The Bachelor lead after failing to find love the first time?

Peter Weber in a suit
Peter Weber reveals if he sees a future with The Bachelor franchise. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber has explored love with several women in The Bachelor franchise, however, he was unable to find a lasting relationship. 

After debuting on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette and later starring on The Bachelor Season 24, Peter Weber has now spoken out about whether or not he would try finding love as The Bachelor lead once again. 

Peter Weber feels The Bachelor is an inorganic way to find real love 

In an interview with Page Six, Peter Weber discussed his time on The Bachelor as well as his eccentric future endeavors. 

When speaking about The Bachelor and his belief in the process, Peter expressed, “For me, it wasn’t the most organic way to really cultivate a real, real relationship. It was too many distractions that I wouldn’t want to subject myself to again in the future.” 

Peter was firm about not wanting to return to The Bachelor as a leading man. Almost all of Peter’s breakups within the franchise ended emotionally or messily and so it’s understandable that Peter desires to move on from the show. 

While Peter may be taking a break from looking for love, he is interested in potentially returning to television to look for ghosts. 

Peter Weber reveals his interest in ghost-hunting 

After connecting with celebrity medium, Jonathan Mark, during Weber’s Bachelors in the City podcast, Peter and Jonathan developed a bond and a passion for ghost-hunting. 

Peter and Jonathan made a pact to meet up in Manhattan and during their October trip they sought out spirits.

Peter explained, “[Jonathan Mark] had this great idea to go do this ghost tour. I was actually, not going to lie, a little tentative. I kept thinking, ‘Eh, should we do this? Is this a good idea?’ But John [told me], ‘Rest assured, you’re going to be good. You’re going to be fine.’” 

Weber and Mark’s ghost tour was quite eventful as they had a few sightings of spirits and faces in a downtown cemetery, including seeing a man’s face in a centuries-old tombstone and capturing a moving figure on camera. 

Jonathan Mark spoke about the chilling experience, stating, “It was super creepy. I do this every day and it still creeped me out.”

Interestingly, Peter and Jonathan have talked about turning their ghost-hunting into a television show. 

Mark shared, “Definitely possibly doing a TV project right now. It’s in the works. We’re doing something a little bit separate than the ghost-hunting, but I’m not opposed to doing this with Peter and Dustin and everyone.”

Weber appears to be excited about the potential opportunity and hopes they’ll hunt ghosts in indoor spaces going forward. Peter stated, “Definitely, I’m curious. We didn’t go inside anywhere. It was just kind of outside adventures. But maybe [to] go see some places inside would be interesting…I’ve always believed in that kind of stuff. I’ve not been too skeptical. And Jon’s definitely got a gift.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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