Will Alaskan Bush People end after Billy Brown’s death? Bear reveals fate of the show

Billy Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Billy Brown on Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

When Billy Brown died in February, the current season of Alaskan Bush People was in the middle of filming.

Now, with the Brown family patriarch dead, there are many fans wondering the fate of the show.

In a recent interview, Bear Brown revealed the fate of the hit reality show.

Will Alaskan Bush People end after Billy Brown’s death?

Bear Brown spoke to Distractify about his dad’s death.

This entire season was about Bill Brown’s death and played out as a dedication to the man. However, Bear Brown said he isn’t watching the series this season.

I haven’t been watching the new season; I can’t right now, but I will one day,” Bear said. “My mom and a couple [of] other family members are watching it though when they get the chance.”

Bear did say that the entire purpose of the season was to honor his dad.

“Dad’s legacy was really his dream, but also a dream shared by all of us to have an actual self-sustainable home where we can provide our own food, water, electricity and it can be a secure home for generations to come,” Bear said

“That’s really what my dad wanted, to make sure us and the next generations would be set up with a self-sustainable home where we could live free.”

When asked about the future of the show, Bear ensured fans that the death of Billy Brown will not mark the end of Alaskan Bush People as a reality TV series.

“Final season in mind? Maybe when I’m like 99 on my deathbed, but then hopefully the show will continue with the next generation,” Bear said.

“That’d be pretty cool, a literal generational reality show, so a stopping date for me? Nope, as long as everyone enjoys watching it.”

What is next for the Alaskan Bush People family?

With Alaskan Bush People continuing on, as long as Bear Brown has anything to say about it, what is next for the Brown family?

Bear called this season the hardest thing he has ever had to go through in his entire life.

“One thing you will get to see you though is how we continue to persevere even in our darkest time and stay together as the Wolfpack, and continue to build a truly self-sustainable home for the future,” Bear said.

“I think in my heart [I] will always consider Alaska my home. We are continuing to build North Star Ranch, but I definitely wouldn’t rule out Alaska as a strong possibility. It’s hard to say goodbye to Alaska for good, ya know?”

Alaskan Bush People airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on Discovery.

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