Why isn’t there a Below Deck Season 10 reunion?

Rachel Hargrove on Below Deck Season 10
Rachel and the rest of the Season 10 cast were not given a reunion show. Pic credit: Bravo

Why isn’t there a Below Deck Season 10 reunion show? That’s the question puzzling Below Deck fans are asking as the season came to a close with no cast chat.

The finale of Season 10 of Below Deck aired last week.

Usually, a reunion show would air this week, but that’s not the case with Below Deck Season 10.

Although there’s a special Watch What Happens Live dedicated to 10 years of Below Deck and Captain Lee Rosbach, a reunion show is not on Bravo’s schedule.

This comes as neither Below Deck Down Under Season 1 nor Below Deck Adventure Season 1 had reunion shows.

Is Below Deck doing away with reunion shows, or was the cancellation due to something else?

Let’s take a look at what we know.

Why isn’t there a Below Deck Season 10 reunion?

Bravo has not mentioned a Below Deck reunion. Andy Cohen asked for questions a while back, suggesting if there was a reunion, not confirming one.

It was Alissa, though, that really answered the question about the reunion. Alissa shared an Instagram Story confirming the news that included an email from a Bravos PR team.

The reason was allegedly due to scheduling conflicts, meaning the cast couldn’t even find time to come together via zoom. After all, Andy doesn’t seem to do in-person reunions for the Below Deck franchise since the pandemic.

No Below Deck reunion is quite a disappointment for fans, especially since there were a lot of firsts this season, like Fraser Olender being the first-ever male chief stew.

Another was Captain Lee had to leave mid-season due to health reasons. Below Deck Mediterranean star Captain Sandy Yawn stepped in to replace him.

While there’s no reunion show, there has been plenty for Below Deck fans to talk about in the past week.

Other Below Deck news

After the finale aired, Ben Willoughby gave an update on what happened with him and Camille Lamb when they spent time in the Dominican Republic.

Leigh-Ann Smith used social media to reveal what happened with her and Ben when the cameras stopped rolling. She accused him of gaslighting her. Ben had different thoughts on the situation.

Tyler Walker opened up about coming out to his parents, also sharing if he’s dating someone special.

Captain Lee set the record straight on the rumors that he’s done with Below Deck and Bravo as speculation mounts he won’t be back next year.

Speaking of Season 11, there have been some details regarding the season, including one familiar face returning, and it’s supposedly not the stud of the sea.

What do you think about there not being a Below Deck reunion?

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-10 are streaming on Peacock.

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1 year ago

Everyone looks forward to the reunions as much as the weekly episodes. To just not have one leaves unfinished business for watchers bc we don’t get to fully understand situations that didn’t include additional reasons why things happened.