Who won Celebrity Big Brother HOH after Shanna Moakler exit?

Shanna And Julie CBB3
Shanna Moakler met with Julie Chen Moonves on her way out of the Celebrity Big Brother house. Pic credit: CBS

A new Celebrity Big Brother Head of Household has taken over for the final six.

Carson Kressley succeeded in getting his target of Shanna Moakler out of the house during Monday night’s episode, as he and Cynthia Bailey got duped by Miesha Tate and Todrick Hall.

With Shanna now out of the Big Brother house, it was time to play another Head of Household Competition, but this time, Carson would have to watch and hope that the deals he made remain in place.

Meanwhile, Shanna gets to head home and await her return to cast a vote as a member of the Celebrity Big Brother jury on finale night. Shanna will also learn that her boyfriend is jealous of the time she spent with Lamar Odom on CBB3.

Who is the new Head of Household on Celebrity Big Brother 2022?

Carson Kressley watched on as Lamar Odom, Cynthia Bailey, Todrick Hall, Todd Bridges, and Miesha Tate played in the fifth Head of Household Competition of the season.

The Big Brother live feeds took a really long time to come back on, but when it happened, we learned that Todd Bridges is the new HOH. This is the first time that he has been in power, but now he gets to really make an impact with two nominations this week.

We will find out who Todd is targeting when he hosts his Nomination Ceremony on Tuesday.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season finale coming up quickly

The days are quickly flying off the calendar as the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season finale draws closer. There are a lot of episodes left, as seen here on the BB Celeb TV schedule, but the final arrives on Wednesday, February 23.

As a reminder, everyone gets paid to play Celebrity Big Brother, so even the people who got evicted early earn an appearance fee for just being on the show. It’s unclear if Chris Kattan still gets paid since he decided to quit the show early.

And speaking of the former houseguest, Chris Kattan just revealed why he quit the show in a new interview. It gives some more insight into what was going through his mind as he was living inside of the Big Brother house.

We are very likely to hear more from him when the Celebrity Big Brother winner is revealed later in February, but, for now, the final six houseguests are battling it out to see who is going to make it to the final two.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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