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Who went home this week on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

RuPaul's Drag Race
Drag Race contestants competed in Snatch Game and a Frozen-inspired runway. Pic credit: VH1

Last week, Nicky Doll, the leggy Parisian queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race, was sent home after fumbling in the previous few challenges.

This week, the remaining reality contestants participated in fans’ favorite game show – Snatch Game.

Each queen set off to select a famous or pop culture icon that they could characterize in the challenge.

Vanjie pays a visit

Special guest, Miss Vanjie, dropped into the scene to let the ladies know what NOT to do during the comedy-centric challenge. She encouraged the contestants to play to their strengths and natural talents.

In the workroom, Vanjie circled to meet with each girl and understand their selections.

Jan declared she would do Bernadette Peters since she grew up with musical theater. Knowing Peters has a very child-like voice, Vanjie encouraged her to pick one accent and stick to it, not change halfway through.

She and RuPaul also thought that Kris Jenner, whom Jan video auditioned as would be a better selection, but left that up to the queen herself.

Crystal Methyd perplexed Vanjie and RuPaul when she claimed she was going to portray Poppy, an entertainer with an android-like persona.

Ru, continually obsessed with Crystal’s natural curly mullet, encouraged her to feel the Rhythm of the Night and do El DeBarge.

However, Crystal wasn’t comfortable in that portrayal, which caused her to break down in the workroom.

Snatch Game satisfies

Two Mean Girls alumni, Daniel Franzese and Jonathan Bennett, joined the game as celebrity judges.

Sherry Pie satirically embodied Katharine Hepburn with her signature style of speak and shaky mannerisms. Her stammering delivery was perfect as she dropped each answer with skilled comedic-timing.

Jackie Cox, as Lisa Rinna, comically self-promoted the entire time, while also name dropping her famous husband, Harry Hamlin, and throwing shade to other Real Housewives alumni.

Gigi Goode, as Marie the Robot, brought a lot of physical comedy to the game, as she fumbled to pick up her answer cards.

Her dry sense of humor proved you didn’t need to crack jokes to crack smiles from the contestants.

Crystal, who stayed with her choice of Poppy, brought a lot of cringeworthy, but comedy-free moments.

Meanwhile, the other girls fell under the radar with decent characterizations, but equally awkward moments.

Frozen on the runway

On the runway, the category was Disney-inspired with Frozen Eleganza. The crystal queens gleamed in their glittery gowns and shiny silhouettes.

The judges complimented Ms. Cox on her Lisa Rinna impersonation and ice queen costume.

Michelle Visage admired Gigi’s little details that she continuously brings into the challenges, while Carson Kressley praised her for staying in character the entire time.

Meanwhile, the panel wasn’t feeling Brita’s one-note routine of Jennifer Holliday, Aiden Zhane’s horror of Rocky Horror, or Crystal’s Poppy pitfall.

Gigi was once again announced as this week’s winner, winning a $5,000 tip!

Who went home this week?

Aiden and Brita were chosen to lip-sync for their lives. Belting the megahit Let it Go, and sweetly dancing to the death, RuPaul made her final decision.

Ultimately, Mama Ru let Brita snatch another day, while Aiden was sent home.

RuPaul’s Drag Race airs Fridays 8/7c on VH1.

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