Who voted for Kenzie at Survivor 46 Tribal Council?

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A rogue vote for Kenzie Petty happened at the latest Survivor 46 Tribal Council.

The castaways had a difficult choice with only seven people left in the game, leading to some drama.

For much of Survivor 46, Episode 11, Q Burdette was the target for elimination. Again, he became a smokescreen for what people were doing.

Maria Gonzalez also had people speaking her name after she won a pizza feast at the Immunity Challenge and took Q with her.

But Maria was safe with her Immunity Necklace, and Venus Vafa made people suspicious of her behavior. She got voted out, but it wasn’t unanimous.

Venus later revealed what she felt ended her game, and it wasn’t going home with an Immunity Idol in her pocket.

But who voted for Kenzie Petty at Tribal Council?

Venus received five votes, Venus voted for Q, and someone secretly voted for Kenzie.

A Survivor sneak peek has been revealed that answers the question about that rogue vote, and the culprit claims it was an accident.

Ben Katzman was the castaway who voted for Kenzie – shortly after telling her he would never write down her name.

The sneak preview has Kenzie asking the other five remaining players who wrote her name down, and Ben comes clean about it.

He was told to write down Venus, but he says his brain let him down in the voting booth. He wrote down Kenzie accidentally and felt bad about what happened.

“For real, not lying, I was not supposed to write Kenzie’s name down. I was supposed to write Venus’ name down. And I just had a slip of the brain,” Ben admits in a confessional.

The full scene is shared below, where Q gets a good laugh from someone else messing up in the game. It will likely be featured in the May 15 episode, as it could hurt any trust Kenzie had going with Ben.

More big Survivor news

Kenzie Petty revealed she is pregnant! The Survivor 46 castaway used Mother’s Day to reveal that she is expecting a baby with her husband. Many Survivor alums stopped by to congratulate the couple.

In additional great news, Survivor Season 33 winner Adam Klein got married. He shared some fun images from the big day.

Here are the details about the Survivor 46 finale. It is coming up quickly and fans will soon learn who was named the latest Sole Survivor.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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