Survivor 46 recap: Pizza, an Immunity Idol, and many hurt feelings

Maria Survivor 46
Maria Gonzalez made it to the finals six on the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor 46 aired on Wednesday night. Would it feature another blindside?

The season has become known for blindside votes, including Tiffany Ervin going home with her Immunity Idol.

Only seven castaways remained for Survivor 46, Episode 11. They could nearly taste the upcoming finale night.

After Tiffany and Hunter McKnight got voted out with Idols in their pockets, the remaining players knew it was time to begin searching for Idols again.

Plus, it was likely that another Reward Challenge would happen, but it would be tough to duplicate the drama from the last one.

As a reminder, Liz Wilcox blew up on Q Burdette after he declined to invite her to an Applebee’s feast.

Survivor 46, Episode 11 recap

The new episode began with Kenzie Petty being upset about Tiffany’s blindside. Kenzie had presented the idea but wasn’t told by the group what was happening.

It left Kenzie on the wrong side of the vote (she voted against Q) and Maria Gonzalez celebrating what had happened. Maria was excited that she might have a strong group of five people (with Kenzie and Venus Vafa on the outs).

The search for a Hidden Immunity Idol began the next morning. Maria tasked Q with watching Kenzie to ensure she didn’t find it. Six people were shown trying to find it while Liz napped. Charlie Davis stated in a confessional that he didn’t want to look because he was exhausted.

Venus found the Hidden Immunity Idol when nobody was around. She now had a great chance to make the final four with it.

“My messy, sweet little friend,” Kenzie called Venus after they began getting closer personally.

Kenzie got a good laugh out of Venus [terribly] looking for the Idol (after she found it). If only she knew.

The final seven Survivor 46 Immunity Challenge

Pizza and Immunity were on the line at an intense new challenge. The castaways were tasked with balancing a ball on a pole while they advanced through an obstacle course. They then used poles to deposit two balls on a snake track.

The challenge winner would get a pizza feast and the Individual Immunity Necklace. Everyone wanted it.

Some players had difficulty advancing past the first stage, but everyone caught up to where they were, each trying to deposit a second ball. Maria and Venus were within inches of winning before they each dropped the ball and had to start over.

The ladies got close again, but Venus dropped hers, and Maria pulled it out.

Maria Gonzalez won Individual Immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final six.

Jeff told Maria to pick someone to join her. She went with Ben Katzman, who she felt had been wasting away. Jeff said she could select another person, and Maria said she wanted to pick someone whose body was breaking down due to lack of food.

Charlie and Kenzie took themselves out of the running. Maria then told Venus, Liz, and Q to make their cases to be chosen. She then had Q and Liz play Rock, Paper, Scissors for the last spot. Q won.

Maria, Ben, and Q went to enjoy their pizza. The other foursome went back to camp to badmouth Maria and Q.

With Maria safe, people looking to vote her out had to shift plans. Q became the target of the foursome, while the pizza trio planned to vote out Venus.

Who got voted out on the new Survivor 46 episode?

The final seven castaways debated voting out Q or Venus ahead of the Tribal Council. And Venus told the cameras she wasn’t using her Immunity Idol.

Jeff brought red licorice to enjoy while watching them argue this week. He let the final seven have one piece to split among themselves.

Then, the bitterness began between Venus and Q at the Tribal Council. Would Venus play her Immunity Idol after her name kept coming up?

She didn’t. Venus kept her Immunity Idol hidden.

Jeff read the votes (in order) as Q, Venus, Kenzie, Venus, Venus, and Venus.

Venus Vafa was voted out and became the fifth member of the jury.

Elsewhere, Tiffany revealed why she saved her Idol.

And a Survivor 46 castaway caught fire while sleeping next to the campfire.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available to stream on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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