Survivor recap: A castaway explodes, a feast is rewarded, and someone gets voted out

Liz Wilcox Survivor
Liz Wilcox was upset about missing out on a Survivor 46 Applebee’s reward. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The new Survivor episode was big, with the final eight competing for a feast and then for Individual Immunity.

Hunter McKnight was voted out on the previous episode, in a re-vote after he was tied with Q Burdette. The final vote was 6-1 against Hunter.

What made it worse for Hunter was that he left the game with a Hidden Immunity Idol in his pocket. He had talked about using it but changed his mind before the vote.

Hunter became the third member of the Survivor jury, joining Soda Thompson and Tevin Davis on the outside.

It was the third straight jury member to have been blindsided, showing how much chaos had been happening.

Here’s why Hunter didn’t play his Immunity Idol. He shared his thoughts on social media after that fateful episode.

Survivor 46, Episode 10 recap

The new episode began with Liz Wilcox doing a confessional about being left in the dark. She was upset about the split vote that Kenzie Petty and Tiffany Ervin constructed. She had wanted Q out.

Maria Gonzalez was shown approaching Q about possibly working with him. He was on an island and looked like he was the target for the next Tribal Council. But it was still very early.

Meanwhile, Kenzie was still keen on targeting Tiffany to build her resume. She planned to be “sneaky” to get Tiffany out before Tiffany targeted her.

Day 18 Reward Challenge on Survivor 46

The final eight castaways had to complete an obstacle course, collect sandbags, and land a sandbag on a tall target.

They were playing for the biggest reward of the season. An Applebee’s feast was promised to the winner. Burgers, wings, and fries were included. Jeff Probst also started rattling off all the appetizers for the winner in an obvious product promotion. The eight castaways got extremely excited, especially when he got to the desserts and cocktails.

Q got out to a big lead, followed by Tiffany, and Maria. Q reached the end of the course with a big lead and only had to land his sandbag to win. Everyone caught up and began tossing their sandbags. It made for an exciting few moments, but Q pulled it out.

Jeff told Q that the feast would be at the Sanctuary and it would be an overnight stay. Q picked Tiffany to join him so they could chat. Q then picked Maria because she had checked on him earlier that day. Liz begged to go because she hadn’t eaten much in days (due to allergies), but Q picked Kenzie.

Liz got really, really upset about the choices and exploded when Jeff asked her if she could talk about what she was feeling. She began yelling at Q until Q mentioned that Liz had voted for him at the previous Tribal Council.

A video clip of that moment is shared below.

A reward and a return to camp

Q, Tiffany, Maria, and Kenzie left for their meal after some awkward moments. Q pushed hard for the quartet to work together as they enjoyed their Applebee’s feast.

They ate well and noted that they felt bad for Liz, but the trio of original Yanu people (Kenzie, Tiff, and Q) hadn’t eaten much this season either.

Later at camp, Liz went over her allergies, including chicken. She hadn’t been able to eat since the merge and barely had anything before that.

Liz rallied people to support her, possibly convincing Ben Katzman, Charlie Davis, and Venus Vafa to target Q again.

An Intense Survivor Immunity Challenge

The castaways had to hold up a bucket with 25 percent of their pre-game body weight. The last person standing would win Immunity.

Jeff Probst pulled out a bag of rice to begin negotiating. He wanted four people to sit out to get enough rice to last the rest of the season.

He couldn’t find four people to take the deal, so he offered rice to one person if they sat out. Liz jumped at the chance, getting herself some rice. She took her seat and watched.

Venus was out of the challenge pretty quickly. Ben was the second person out. When Q went out third, there were many smiles from the other players. Kenzie and Maria dropped very soon after Q.

Tiffany and Charlie were the last two people standing in the challenge. The duo held strong for a while, but Tiffany dropped out of nowhere.

Charlie won his second straight Individual Immunity Challenge and earned a spot in the final seven.

Who went home on Survivor 46, Episode 10?

There was continued chatter about voting for Tiffany to get her Idol out, but it was unclear if anyone would shift away from voting for Q. Liz adamantly wanted him out, even if it was bad for her game.

Tiffany kept her Idol when asked about it.

Jeff read the votes as Q, Tiffany, Q, Q, Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany, and Tiffany.

Tiffany Ervin was voted out in another Survivor 46 blindside.

Jeff Probst revealed some Survivor 50 spoilers at a recent event.

A Survivor winner also teased a future return to the show.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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17 days ago

To me the worst was effing Tiff coming back to camp and telling them all she didn’t even bother to eat the hamburger. So uncouth.

Julie Warhola
Julie Warhola
16 days ago

Why does Survivor starve the contestants? Leave that to Naked and Afraid. Survivor should concentrate on the challenges which have become fewer and fewer in recent seasons. I liked the earlier Survivor episodes so much more.