Survivor 50 spoilers revealed by host Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst Survivor Host 2023
A new Survivor season has host Jeff Probst excited. Pic credit: ©

The first Survivor 50 details have officially been released.

Host Jeff Probst made a huge announcement late Saturday evening at a Survivor event, and now fans are buzzing.

Jeff even made it seem like fans were deciding which direction the 50th season should go – regarding the casting.

It all went down during a Survivor FYC event Saturday night in Ovation Hollywood (in Los Angeles).

Jeff joked with the crowd about making Survivor 50 another season of new players, but they weren’t having it that night.

Any show that reaches 50 seasons must celebrate, and Survivor will do it with alums.

Survivor 50 spoilers: Returning players

“Survivor 50 is coming down the corner. The truth is – we really do focus on 47 and 48, that’s what we’re heading out to shoot next. Then we have to shoot 49,” Jeff said to the FYC crowd before getting to his big topic.

“But we know 50 is coming, so I am curious, is there a feeling? Should 50 be another season with new players and don’t make it a big deal?” he asked the crowd.

“No!” was the response from many attendees before Jeff asked, “Or should it be returning players?”

Jeff then spoke about being now committed to having returning players for Survivor 50.

In the video below, Jeff summarizes what happened to anyone who couldn’t watch it live.

“Okay, well about 10 seconds ago, we just decided — thanks to all the fans that were in attendance at the FYC event here in Hollywood — that Survivor 50 will be returning players,” Jeff announced.

“And you all are a part of it,” Jeff shouted to the crowd as he rotated the camera to show people cheering.

A long wait for Survivor 50 to arrive

While it’s exciting that Survivor 50 has been announced and we know some key details, it will be a long wait for its arrival.

Survivor 47, Survivor 48, and Survivor 49 haven’t been filmed yet. Jeff and the other producers have been working to get people to apply for those upcoming seasons.

We don’t even know the Survivor 46 winner yet, as episodes are still debuting during Spring 2024.

If the Survivor TV schedule continues as anticipated, Survivor 47 will air in the Fall of 2024, Survivor 48 will air in the Spring of 2025, and Survivor 49 will arrive in the Fall of 2025.

We won’t see Survivor 50 episodes until January or February 2026. At least it gives the producers much lead time to work with.

More Survivor news

Hunter McKnight revealed why he didn’t use his Immunity Idol on Survivor 46. He shared several notes with his social media followers regarding what happened.

Jeff Probst also said he believes Q Burdettedidn’tt try to quit. Q caused much chaos at the recent Tribal Councils, but Jeff explained why hedidn’tt feel it was an attempt to leave the show.

Even though fans might not be ready for it, here is info on the upcoming Survivor 46 season finale date.

In some sad news from the show, Survivor alum Sonja Christopher has died.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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