Survivor alum Sonja Christopher has died

Sonja Christopher Survivor
Sonja Christopher is an original Survivor alum. Pic credit: © McGee/Globe Photos

An original Survivor alum has passed away.

Sonja Christopher from the first season of Survivor has died.

Sonja was introduced to Survivor fans as a 63-year-old cancer Survivor from San Francisco. This was way back during Survivor: Borneo in 2000.

As part of the first Survivor cast, she was fun and known for strumming on her ukelele.

Unfortunately, Sonja was also the first person voted off Survivor, with the musician getting eliminated during the first-ever Survivor Tribal Council.

Her kindness shined through immediately, and it also led to an emotional response from host Jeff Probst when he had to snuff her torch.

Survivor Season 1 player Sonja Christopher has died

Liz Wilcox from Survivor 46 shared a beautiful note about Sonja that revealed her recent passing.

“Today, the legend herself Sonja Christopher of Season One passed away,” Liz wrote on X.

“I had the pleasure of meeting her on Christmas. She had so much spunk + love for Survivor and what the show brought to her life. I hope you’re singing + playing your heart out somewhere beautiful, Sonja,” Liz added.

Liz also shared a lovely picture of Sonja holding a ukelele from a recent live chat.

Sonja Christopher from Survivor: Borneo

Below is a video shared a few years ago that features Sonja. In it, her notable moments from Survivor 1 are shared.

Survivor fans who want to re-live some of her memorable moments in the game should watch it.

In the video, Sonja shares her excitement about being on the show, meets with a Survivor medic for an injury she suffered in the game, and talks about getting voted out early.

Sonja was a Survivor treasure who will be missed

Many kind posts have been shared online following Sonja’s passing. People on the show with her and have reported on Survivor already miss her.

“She paved the way for every person to ever play Survivor. We will always smile when we think of Sonja Christopher. RIP to a legend,” wrote Rob Cesternino (from Rob Has A Podcast).

“One of the first scenes in #Survivor history is also one of its simplest. Two members of the LGBTQ+ community connect through song. The soon-to-be first person voted out serenades the man who will become the first winner of the show RIP Sonja Christopher,” shared Mike Bloom from Parade Magazine.

More Survivor news

Jeff Probst says there is no Survivor 46 auction. This is despite the social media accounts sharing clips from a recent Survivor auction.

Survivor winner Maryanne Oketch also got married with many alums in attendance.

The first season of Survivor (with Sonja Christopher) is available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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