When is the Survivor 46 season finale? Here’s what you need to know

Survivor 46 Soda
Soda Thompson gets to vote for the Survivor 46 winner on finale night. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

It’s been a dramatic season of Survivor in Fiji, with many blindsides happening at Tribal Council.

Survivor fans will hear from those castaways who got blindsided during the part on finale night.

Unfortunately, we don’t get a real Survivor 46 reunion, which would have been entertaining with this cast.

As with recent seasons of Survivor, this one also ends with the final three players and the jury celebrating together immediately after the vote for a winner.

Revealing the winner in Fiji has changed the entire tone of Survivor finale nights, but everyone is trying to get used to it.

At least the producers and CBS give Survivor fans that recap hour because not every reality competition show gets one.

When is the Survivor 46 season finale?

The Survivor 46 season finale is on Wednesday, May 22. The episode will begin with five people still competing to become the Sole Survivor.

What happens during the Survivor 46 season finale?

It’s a three-hour presentation, beginning at the regular time of 8/7c. From there, the cast will compete to decide its final four, and then whittle down to the final three.

Getting from five players down to four will be done in the usual process, with an Immunity Challenge and the final Tribal Council vote of the season.

When only four players are left, they will play the final Immunity Challenge of the season. The winner will earn a spot in the final three, and they get to select one person who sits with them.

The final Immunity Challenge winner also decides who faces off in the Fire-Making Challenge. The castaway who can build their fire quickest earns the last spot in the final three.

The player who wins the final Immunity Challenge also has the option to partake in the Fire-Making Challenge. Some players have used it as a way to boost their resume.

When only three players are left, they sit in front of the Survivor 46 jury and make their case about why they deserve to win the $1 million prize.

Eight jurors decide who becomes the Season 46 Sole Survivor.

After the votes are read and the winner is revealed, the final 11 players will likely get a pizza party like the one below.

More news and notes from Survivor

A Survivor 46 castaway caught fire while sleeping too close to the fire. It was revealed in a deleted scene that could have been interesting within an episode.

Jeff Probst also teased some Survivor 50 information. It sets the tone for what fans can expect from the monumental season.

CBS also revealed the Big Brother 26 start date. A new season of Big Brother is on the way for this summer.

A video clip from the Survivor blindside of Tiffany Ervin is shared below.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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