Survivor 46 exit interview: Venus Vafa calls herself ‘fiercely loyal,’ reveals her game-losing mistake

Venus Survivor Episode
Survivor 46 castaway Venus Vafa became the fifth juror. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 46 said goodbye to Venus Vafa on a dramatic episode where she also found an Immunity Idol.

With only seven people left in the game, everyone was scrambling to find the Immunity Idol left behind by Tiffany Ervin.

Tiffany had been blindsided by the Q Burdette smokescreen, following in the same footsteps as Hunter McKnight.

Despite those warning signs, when Venus found the Hidden Immunity Idol, she fell victim to the same need to preserve her safety net.

Rather than stay worried about making it through the night, Venus began thinking about a path to the final four.

Venus was sent packing in seventh place, making her the fifth member of the Survivor 46 jury.

Survivor 46 exit: Venus calls herself ‘fiercely loyal’

Venus is doing her Survivor exit interviews following her final episode as a player. She sat down to chat with Rob Cesterino from Rob Has a Podcast to share her thoughts about the game.

“I feel like you’re probably a fiercely loyal person because if somebody would have put their trust in you, I feel like you would never turn on that person,” Rob Cesternino stated.

“Never, never,” Venus responded. “Honestly, going into the game, that was my strategy. I just needed one ride or die. I just needed one person to trust me and I would have gone to the end with them.”

“Yes. I am a fiercely loyal person,” Venus added.

Venus reveals her biggest mistake on Survivor 46

Rob asked Venus several times about her chat with Charlie Davis after she found the Immunity Idol. During the episode, she teased Charlie about having something up her sleeve to help her and anyone aligned with her. But she wouldn’t commit to working with him, and he became suspect of the chat.

Following that chat, Charlie told other castaways about Venus feeling safe, and those players accused her of being dishonest to create waves and stay in the game.

“That conversation, and my big mouth, it really sunk my game,” Venus states shortly after the four-minute mark of the video below.

“If I hadn’t had that conversation with Charlie — because it was really close to Tribal — if I just didn’t say anything to him, it would have been Q [getting voted out],” Venus elaborated.

She also explained that the conversation bred more insecurity than trust – exactly what Survivor fans saw as it played out.

Had she survived the vote, Venus feels she would have made it to the end with the help of her Immunity Idol.

Below is Venus’s full chat with Rob, where she details her time in Fiji. It’s well worth the watch.

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And here are details about the upcoming Survivor 46 season finale.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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