Who is Velvet the stripper who hooked up with Terrence on Black Ink Crew: Chicago?

Who is Velvet the stripper on Black Ink Crew Chicago?
Velvet the stripper shows up at Lily’s house in search of Cobra on Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Velvet the stripper was Cobra’s girlfriend on Black Ink Crew: Chicago last season but does that mean she kept all of her dealings on the show with Cobra? She started a lot of drama after twerking in Phor’s face and now, Velvet claims that she also spent some time with Terrence and it’s threatening to break up his relationship.

In a Black Ink Crew: Chicago sneak peek, Velvet shows up at Lily’s house because she’s looking for Cobra. Despite learning that her ex-girlfriend isn’t there, she enters Lily’s apartment anyway and starts to gossip with her about what’s going on with the 9Mag crew.

As Lily lists all the drama going on with the VH1 cast, Velvet’s eyes get big when she hears that Danielle got engaged. After asking why the shock, Velvet the stripper revealed that she and Terrence had been messing around. To be specific, she said that she and Terrence had some “oral communication” during the cast trip in Cabo.

What’s even more shocking is that Velvet claims that Terrence is still trying to hook up. Then, Cobra’s ex shows Lily text messages from Terrence that are reportedly three weeks old where he’s trying to get her to “link up at his crib.”

Velvet the stripper claims that she hasn’t hooked back up with Terrence since the Cabo trip but that he’s certainly been trying. Because of that, Velvet wants Danielle to know what’s going on because, despite not being friends at all, she doesn’t want her to marry Terrence without knowing that he’s a cheater.

While chatting with Lily, Velvet also reveals that her Instagram account got shut down. The reason why is very risque but Velvet doesn’t seem bothered by that.

She’s more upset about losing 215,000 followers and having to start over. She did just that and now boasts 117,000 followers on her new account. You can follow it (or just check it out) by clicking here. 

In another leaked sneak peek, Velvet actually gets her chance to confront Terrence but instead, she decides to go for Danielle. It doesn’t seem like she’s really looking out for her. Instead, it looks like she just wanted to kick up some drama.


In front of everyone, Velvet told Terrence that she would have congratulated him if only he had texted her back. When Danielle questions why her man would be texting Cobra’s ex, Velvet revealed what she claims went down in Cabo and even offered to show her proof.

Now it looks like Don isn’t the only one in hot water at home over some cheating drama. Terrence has a lot of explaining to do and at least Danielle says she’ll be doing her questioning at home.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on VH1. 

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