Who is sent home next week on Bachelor In Paradise and who gets engaged? [Spoilers]

John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones acted out on Monday’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

John Paul Jones didn’t exactly win over viewers during last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, as he seemed convinced that he and Tayshia Adams were an item and Derek Peth didn’t stand a chance. However, Tayshia had considered exploring both relationships, but John’s attitude ruined it for her.

During the episode, Derek decided to eliminate himself because Tayshia revealed she couldn’t see herself with him moving forward. She couldn’t get to the point of a proposal, and while Derek wondered if John had something to do with it, fans wondered whether Tayshia would have the same conversation with John.

On Instagram, John Paul Jones decided to address his attitude on the show as a rose ceremony is coming up on the show.


According to Reality Steve, plenty of things will happen next week, including breakups you may not have seen coming. Three new women will join the show, including Revian Chang from Colton’s season, Bri Barnes from Colton’s season, and Whitney Fransway from Nick’s season. Some of them will join this week while others will join next week. When the women join the cast on the beach, Bri will go on a date with Matt, and Revian with Connor.

Dean will also come back to the beach to fight for Caelynn, even though she was starting to bond with Connor. She chooses to leave with Dean to try a relationship, leaving Conner behind. He had met Whitney Fransway at Chris and Krystal’s wedding, but he leaves before she joins the show. The two bond off camera.

During last night’s episode, fans saw how Blake wanted to pursue things with Kristina again. We’ll come to learn that Kristina changed her mind and wants to leave their romance in paradise. As for Sidney, she also leaves next week but we don’t how or why.

During the rose ceremony, the men are giving out the roses. Demi will give her rose to Kristian, John Paul Jones will give his to Tayshia, and Dylan will give his to Hannah. Clay continues to give his rose to Nicole and Chris to Katie. Matt will give his rose to Bri and Chase to Angela. Luke has a rose but no one wants it. That means Haley will leave during the rose ceremony or before, as she got her heart broken by John Paul Jones.

Out of the final couples, John Paul Jones and Tayshia ended up breaking things off. They never made it to the overnight date. Reality Steve believes that Tayshia ended things and given how last night’s episode played out, it makes sense. Matt and Bri also didn’t make it past the rose ceremony and didn’t take the overnight date. Chase and Angela broke things off as well.

Of the strongest couples, four take the overnight date offer from Chris Harrison. Demi and Kristian, Dylan and Hannah, Clay and Nicole, and Chris and Katie all take the overnight dates. Nicole ends up breaking things off with Clay because he’s not ready to tell her that he loves her. But the remaining three couples end up engaged.

Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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