Who is Mike Hill? Everything you need to know about Cynthia Bailey’s boyfriend

Mike Hill, Cynthia Bailey, and Steve Harvey. Pic credit: @itsmikehill/Instagram.

Cynthia Bailey has been head over heels for Mike Hill since the very beginning of their relationship. They met on television, and now the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her boyfriend are saying they will be married sometime next year.

While Mike Hill seems like a great match for Cynthia Bailey, many fans are still skeptical about the man. How did he and Bailey meet? Do they seem compatible?

Let’s take a closer look into the life of Mike Hill.

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Mike Hill’s sports journalism and fitness

Mike Hill is a successful sports journalist for FOX Sports 1. He has an extensive history of sports broadcasting, starting with local television stations before moving up to positions with ESPN hosting television and radio shows.

Although he used to be a broadcaster for many different sports and shows, Mike Hill primarily does live NFL and NBA breakdowns for FOX Sports 1, as well as hosting MLB Whiparound and Inside the Big East.

Aside from being a sports broadcaster, Mike Hill is a bit of a fitness guru himself. He posts videos of his workouts and body transformations on his Instagram account.

Mike Hill doesn’t just talk the talk, he also walks the walk.

Family and friends are the most important part

A huge piece of Mike Hill’s life is his family. The FOX broadcaster has two daughters and his love for them can turn even the toughest of people into the softest.

Another important part of Mike Hill’s life is the friends that he already has. The star is friends with RHOA alumni, Claudia Jordan. The two run a podcast called Unstable’D, where they talk about sports, entertainment, news — and just a little bit of everything.

Hill has also had a birthday party that NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes attended. Although he didn’t appear to be relevant to the housewives before his relationship with Cynthia Bailey, it looks like he’s fitting in very well.

His relationship with Cynthia Bailey

Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey actually owe their relationship to Steve Harvey. The couple met on Steve TV in 2018, where Bailey was supposed to choose one of three bachelors to go out on a date with. The two were on the show at just the right time to meet their perfect match.

Cynthia Bailey is sure that this is the final relationship — the one that will really work out. She’s stated before that their relationship is exclusive and that she thinks “he’s the one.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey Teases Her New Relationship Ahead of New Season | Bravo

Fans will be keeping a close eye on the couple to see if Mike Hill really is the one for Cynthia Bailey, but overall the couple seems to have a good relationship.

Hopefully, fans will be hearing about their wedding next year and it won’t end up as another relationship gone wrong.

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