Who is Mama June’s new boyfriend? June Shannon introduces new man to the world

Mama June Shannon
Mama June Shannon. Pic credit: weTV

Mama June Shannon is back in the public eye thanks to an appearance on The Masked Singer.

After the appearance on the reality show, in which she worked as a duo with her daughter Alana, also known as Honey Boo Boo, she mentioned that Mama June From Not to Hot was returning early in 2022.

Shortly after this, fans started giving her a hard time again on social media, including some fans who mocked her for what she wants from a new man.

After Mana June put those fans in their place, she has now revealed that there is a new man in her life.

Who is Mama June’s new boyfriend?

Mama June posted a TikTok video in late November where she played a trending MemeKing4Real track revealing what people look for in a new man.

“She’s really not that hard to please. All she asks is three things: don’t lie to her, don’t waste her time, and don’t have her looking stupid,” the track said.

Fans told Mama June to focus on her kids and not finding a new man, to which the reality star responded by saying “

“Look, honey! This Karen or any other Karen. Just because I make a video doesn’t mean I’m looking for a man and I’m desperate cause I’m not.”

That might be because she already found one.

The Sun reports that Mama June, 42, is dating a 34-year-old auto mechanic named Justin Stroud. She has been dating him since October.

She posted a video of Justin’s tattoo in an Instagram Story at the time. The Sun also posted a photo from Stroud’s own Instagram account that matched the tattoo perfectly.

Mama June IG
Pic credit: @mamajune/Instagram

Mama June’s new man should appear in next season’s show

Since Mama June has been dating him since October, and she has been filming Mama June From Not to Hot with Alana for the last few months, there is a good reason to believe her new man will appear next season.

This is Mama June’s latest boyfriend, after the tumultuous relationship with ex Geno Doak, which played out on Mama June From Not to Hot. Previously, Mama June disappeared with him while leaving Alana in the care of her sister.

After she broke up with Geno, Mama June was connected to 24-year-old TikToker Jordan McCollum, although she said they were just friends.

Now, she is dating.

Mama June From Not to Hot returns for a new season in 2022.

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