Who is Hannah Godwin on The Bachelor? She’s a model and social media influencer

Hannah Godwin
Hannah Godwin is a model with a huge social media following. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Goodwin is one of two Hannahs pursuing Colton Underwood’s heart on this season of The Bachelor. Colton will also have the option of pursuing Hannah B. But Goodwin seems to be the all-American girl.

In her ABC Bachelor bio, Hannah defines herself as a sweet Southern belle. She’s from Birmingham, Alabama and she’s both a photographer and model. And that’s clear based on her social media account, as she has close to 78,000 followers as of this writing.

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Hannah Goodwin appears to be a social media influencer. She definitely had a large following before she was announced as a Bachelor contestant and she seems to fit with previous bloggers, who have come from the Bachelor franchise, such as Lauren Bushnell.

It seems that much of her work includes photo shoots and spending time finding new content for her social feeds. She also has her own website, where she talks about her passion for food, wine, and fashion.

Her ABC bio reveals that she sees her social media activity and her ambassador posts as her business.

You can find photos of her posting in professional photos, her posting photos of food, and selfies with her friends. She’s even posting in skimpy bathing suits in some of the photos, sharing her thin frame.

If Colton wants to win over Hannah, he needs to understand that she doesn’t like seafood. She also thinks that quality time is her love language, meaning Colton will have to put in lots of one-on-one time to win her over.

And like a few others of the contestants, Hannah really likes her cat, a sassy creature named Marleigh. Hopefully, Colton Underwood is a cat person.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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