Who is Hannah Brown dating now? Bachelorette fans are hoping she’ll date Peter Weber

Hannah and Peter
Hannah and Peter have a strong connection. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown wanted her happy ending on The Bachelorette, but tonight’s finale may show that she didn’t get her happy ending after all. While she could have accepted a proposal, it’s possible that she ended the engagement after filming wrapped. As she told Chris Harrison near the end of last night’s part one, she didn’t know what would happen or how things would play out.

But during last night’s finale, she did have a chance to talk to Peter Weber about sending him home. She sent him home as the third last contestant, as she didn’t see a connection with him. However, on stage, the connection was clearly much different.

Fans quickly noticed that they had a strong connection and they had no problem talking about their former sex life.

During last night’s live finale, Hannah admitted that she had lied about Peter and their night in the fantasy suite. They didn’t just have sex twice. They had sex four times! Fans cheered, including Peter’s parents and it was clear that the two had a great connection. In fact, their time on stage together had some people guessing that the two were indeed dating now as the Bachelorette had wrapped up.

Not everyone can joke about their sex life with an ex-boyfriend. Twitter went crazy with theories that Hannah was indeed still dating Peter after hinting that she may not get her happy ending after all with one of the two finalists, Tyler and Jed.

Before the first part of the finale wrapped last night, Chris Harrison and Hannah talked about the dramatic finale. He revealed that rumors had been running wild and that Hannah would answer questions about what had been happening after the finale. She hinted that she didn’t even know what would happen during tonight’s finale, which could indicate that she’s single.

The Bachelorette concludes tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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