Who is former NFL player Colton Underwood on The Bachelorette? He’s never played a single game!

Colton Underwood Bachelorette
Colton Underwood’s promo shot from The Bachelorette / ABC

Colton Underwood defined himself as a former NFL player during last night’s premiere of The Bachelorette, something that caught everyone’s attention.

It’s rare that famous athletes come on the show to find love, so it’s possible that people grabbed their phones to search for Colton to see what his NFL career included. However, some fans may have been disappointed by what they found.

The official NFL page explains that he has no stats to review, which means he has never played a game. As it turns out, he may have more luck on The Bachelorette than in the NFL.

On the show, it was revealed that he was signed to the San Diego Charges, which is true. In 2014, he was signed as a free agent. However, he was waived in August of that year.

He was then signed to the Philadelphia Eagles’ practice team, but he was also released here. He was then with the Chargers again, but again, only on the practice squad.

But his time wasn’t done yet. In December 2014, he signed a future contract with the Charges, but he was waived again. He was also placed on injured reserve. His last team was the Oakland Raiders, but he was also waived here. He never played a single game.


But it sounds like Colton Underwood learned a few things from being in the NFL. During The Bachelorette premiere, Colton opened up about his non-profit organization, Colton’s Legacy.

He wanted to help families struggling with Cystic Fibrosis and it is a cause close to his heart. This could be something Becca Kufrin fell for, as he opened up about his personal relation to Cystic Fibrosis.

What do you think about Colton Underwood using NFL player as his former job, considering he never played a game?