Who is Below Deck star Kelley Johnson’s girlfriend Carina Tiffany Hart?

Kelley and Carina in a photo taken at Halloween
Kelley and Carina in a photo taken at Halloween. Pic: @kelleywjohnson/Instagram

Bad news girls, Below Deck’s hunky star Kelley Johnson has a girlfriend! But who is the crew-member’s beautiful blonde partner Carina Tiffany Hart?

Carina is a photographer, holistic expert and self-starter who is the owner and founder of her own health, wellness and fitness firm Holistic Hart.

She set the firm up in October 2015, and is currently trying to grow it — including on her new website. She also runs Hart & Co Photography, taking pictures of everything from actor and model headshots, to architecture and landscapes.

She studied Business Administration and Management at Baruch College, City University of New York, and later did a bachelor’s degree in Film/Television/Photography at City University of New York-Brooklyn College.

She is  a big advocate for animal welfare and living a healthy, “non-toxic” life. She says: “Our company gives people the knowledge, resources, and products they need to transform their lives to healthy, holistic and happy.”

Carina in a stunning photo from her Instagram. Pic: @holistichart/Instagram
Carina in a stunning photo from her Instagram. Pic: @holistichart/Instagram

Carina has a growing fan base on Instagram, where she has more than 20,000 followers and posts about her life, along with messages about the things she believes in.

A day after the election, she posted on her Facebook page calling for unity in the United States after Donald Trump’s unexpected win.

She said: “Let us drown the hate, ignite the love and remember we are all American’s and we may have different ways of going about it; but we want what’s best for ourselves, for our country and for our futures.”

Carina strikes a pose by the sea. Pic: @holistichart/Instagram
Carina strikes a pose in crystal clear waters by the sea. Pic: @holistichart/Instagram

One of her favorite pastimes is singing, and she says that while she used to worry that she wasn’t good enough, she now focuses on just doing it because it’s something she loves.

Musicians she likes on Facebook include Adam Levine, Sam Hunt, Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum and Chase Bryant.

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