Who is Alexa from Bachelor in Paradise?

Ivan Hall and Alexa Caves from Bachelor in Paradise
Ivan Hall got busted sneaking off to Alexa Caves’ room. Pic credit: ABC

After getting caught in a lie, fans didn’t think it could get worse for Ivan Hall – until it did at the next rose ceremony on Bachelor in Paradise.

In a surprising turn of events, before starting the anticipated elimination, host Wells’ Adams announces he first has to deal with a pressing matter that happened the previous night.

Due to a passing tropical storm, the beach had been evacuated and all cast members were sheltered in a local hotel. Not only did this include the current BIP cast, but contestants that were still due to make their arrival to the beach.

Pulling Ivan aside, it’s clear the rules of Paradise had been broken. Ivan revealed that he snuck out of his room to spend time with Alexa Caves, a contestant from Peter Weber’s season. Acknowledging he went around the system, Ivan packed his bags tearfully and left Paradise.

Who is Alexa from Bachelor in Paradise?

While Alexa Caves hadn’t made an appearance on the beach in Mexico, she made her debut to Bachelor Nation competing alongside Natasha Parker on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

The esthetician from Chicago has a sizable Instagram presence of over 23,000 followers and quite regularly updates her feed with thrift store finds.

Leaving week three on The Bachelor, the 29-year-old was set to enter the beach but according to Reality Steve, after the interaction at the hotel with Ivan, she doesn’t even make an appearance on the show.

Ivan Hall broke Bachelor in Paradise rules to meet Alexa Caves

Aaron Clancy called Ivan out on his last-ditch effort in pursuing Chelsea Vaughn for a rose and it appears there was a reason he wanted to stay in Paradise.

Laying all his cards on the table, Ivan explained to Wells’ that Alexa was the one person he came to Paradise to meet, “I was just hoping that she was gonna be brought down here at some point, you know? ‘Cause that’s what I’ve been hoping for since the beginning.”

He added, “I thought I was gonna be going home, I wanted to meet her, and so, I just, like, did it.”

As to what Alexa and Ivan did that night, “We were up there, just talking on her balcony, and we just hit it off. like normal times… It was wrong of me,” Ivan explained. “I shouldn’t have gone around the system. I was wrong. Love makes you do weird, crazy things. I’ve made a mistake and it was a giant mistake.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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