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Who is Alan Miller, the charter guest on Below Deck this week?

Alan Miller gets an interesting massage aboard the My Sienna on Below Deck
Alan Miller is back On Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo’s Below Deck Season 6 continues tonight, with the entire crew of My Seanna going the extra knot to please a returning guest with a penchant for not wearing underwear: we’ll get back to that in a minute!

Why the extra special attention lavished on handsome and charming guest Alan Miller? Only because his milestone 50th birthday party on board the yacht in 2015 was ruined after being served raw and inedible food. It’s kind of hard to blow out the birthday cake candles when one is vomiting!

On his Instagram Miller describes himself as a world traveler, entrepreneur, race car driver, kite surfer, and the founder and Planetary Ambassador of Blue Marble Cocktails, “the world’s best ultra-premium ready-to-drink cocktails.”

Miller is also the CEO of AMD Lasers, a company that specializes in building dental lasers like the Picasso Plus and Picasso Lite Plus diode lasers, and the LiteTouch all-tissue laser. He studied at Harvard Business School and Indiana University

By all accounts, Miller didn’t blow his stack when Captain Lee and the crew presided over his previous botched birthday party, which is a rarity among the show’s more colorful guests with a fondness for living the high life.

So it’s understandable that this time around the pressure is on for each and every crew member to erase any bad memories from Miller’s mind. They make a valiant effort, including personal massages and cocktails on deck. Uh oh, too bad the weather didn’t get the memo to be nice to Miller!

Miller, who earlier said he was in flagrante when told about the massages, flashes his baby-blues and makes small talk as his masseuse works out his kinks. But things get a bit windy and before you know it a squall nearly blows off everyone’s towels.

Before the muscles can be relaxed, the massage tables are folded up and the robes put back on, with one crew member saying Miller, “Just can’t catch a break!”

But a blown massage may be the least of everyone’s worries as Captain Lee struggles to control the yacht in what he anxiously calls, “less than ideal conditions.” Will easy-on-the-eyes Miller go ballistic and lose his Blue Marbles when his second Below Deck charter takes a dive? Tune in and find out!

Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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