Who gets hurt on The Bachelorette? Contestant getting ‘beat up in a fight’ is actually something very different

David Ravitz
David Ravitz is the contestant who is removed from the mansion on a stretcher

The previews for the next episode of The Bachelorette look intense, with one guy vying for Becca Kufrin’s heart being carried out on a stretcher. The editing viewed a certain way could suggest that it was a fight, but it sounds like it was actually just a freak accident.

Based on information from Reality Steve, it sounds like David simply fell out of his bed. Since the guys sleep in bunk beds, he had a very hard fall.

The blood that’s described by some of the contestants apparently refers to a broken nose. He also suffered a concussion, which results in him skipping the rose ceremony because he’s in the hospital. The fall was supposedly so nasty that he had bleeding on the brain.

It’s interesting that the fall is so innocent considering the editing hints at a fight between David and Jordan Kimball, the male model.

The two got into a heated argument on Monday’s episode, where David thought Jordan was disrespecting Becca for walking around in his boxer shorts during the cocktail party and rose ceremony.

Jordan Kimball
Jordan Kimball and David got into a heated fight on the second episode The Bachelorette

While David is the one who gets physically hurt on The Bachelorette, there were also a few guys who got hurt — emotionally at least — on the latest episode.

Alex Templeman was one of three guys sent home from The Bachelorette last night, as Becca Kufrin didn’t see a future with them.

Alex Templeman
Alex Templeman in his Bachelorette promotional photo.

The trio had been on group dates but Becca felt that she was growing stronger connections with some of the other guys there, including Colton Underwood who had a relationship with Becca’s friend Tia.

This is something that fans will get to see more of next week when Tia returns to The Bachelorette to help Becca find the right guy for her.

However, on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette the first guy who was sent home was Rickey. If you don’t remember him, he worked briefly on Wall Street and then created his own online personal training company.

Now that his career is working out, he is ready to settle down and find a woman who can fit into his busy life. Unfortunately for Rickey, Becca was not the one.

Rickey Lane Jasper II
Rickey Lane Jasper II might be smiling in this pic, but he wasn’t when he got sent home first

The second person to get the boot during Monday’s episode of the show was Trent. He had kept somewhat in the background, as he came across as a quiet guy.

He is an animal lover from Iowa, who had moved to Florida to pursue a career as a realtor and a model. But it seems that his portfolio of doing romance book covers as a model didn’t impress Becca enough to keep him around.

Trent Jespersen
Trent Jespersen may look good on the cover of a book, but he won’t be writing a love story with Becca

While Trent and Rickey were devastated to lose their chance at finding love, it was Alex who expressed his heartbreak over not finding a wife this time around.

As the episode came to an end, Alex cried to producers, revealing that he was devastated that Becca wouldn’t become his wife.

In case you only remember Alex for crying after his elimination, he’s also a self-proclaimed country music lover, who loves his dog, Donzi.

Are you surprised that Becca sent home Alex, Trent, and Rickey during this week’s episode of The Bachelorette? And what do you think of David’s innocent accident that left him on a stretcher?

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