Who did the new HOH nominate on Celebrity Big Brother?

Julie And Jerry CBB3
Julie Chen Moonves spoke with Jerry O’Connell during Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season. Pic credit: CBS

The houseguests nominated by the new HOH on Celebrity Big Brother were just revealed by the live feeds.

The latest Nomination Ceremony was just hosted by the new Head of Household, setting out the plan that is in place to decide who makes the final four this season.

On Friday night, Carson Kressley got evicted from the Big Brother house, leaving just five people competing for the $250,000 prize.

And on Saturday, Carson apologized to Shanna Moakler for his CBB3 actions. He now knows that he got duped by Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate, and Carson has already owned up to everything.

On the opposite end of that spectrum, Todrick feels Shanna should apologize to him for what transpired on this latest season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Who did the new HOH nominate on Celebrity Big Brother 3?

Late Friday night, a new HOH Competition took place, with Miesha Tate, Todrick Hall, Cynthia Bailey, and Lamar Odom battling it out for control of the house. As Todd Bridges watched on, it was Todrick who became the new HOH.

On Saturday, Todrick had to nominate two people for eviction, and he put Lamar and Todd on the block. They are the two celebrities at risk of getting evicted next, but everyone gets to play in the Veto Competition taking place later this weekend.

What’s next for the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast?

The days are quickly coming off the calendar for this current season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. The season finale arrives on Wednesday, February 23, when we all find out who the CBB3 jury has picked as the winner.

There is a lot of action that needs to take place before finale night, beginning with the final five houseguests getting trimmed down to a final two before that big night arrives.

New episodes of the show actually air on Saturday (February 19) and Sunday (February 20) at 8/7c on CBS, as well as Monday (February 21) at 9/8c. That’s a lot of new content for Big Brother fans to enjoy.

In the meantime, Big Brother fans can vote for AFH now. The winner of America’s Favorite Houseguest takes home an additional $25,000 for playing in the winter season.

There are quite a few Shanna supporters on social media who are trying to rally viewers to vote for her to win AFH.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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