Who are Kody Brown’s 18 children? Here’s a look at the Sister Wives star’s family

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown
Kody shares 18 children between his three wives and one ex-wife. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/MJT/AdMedia

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has a large, polygamous family.

The TLC star married his first wife, Meri Brown, in 1990, before adding his second wife, Janelle Brown, in 1993, his third wife (now ex-wife), Christine Brown, in 1994, and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, in 2010.

Because husbands can legally only have one wife, Meri divorced Kody in 2014 so that he could legally wed Robyn, who remains his only legal wife.

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Once Kody began adding wives to his plural marriage, he wasted no time having children.

Kody’s second wife, Janelle, was the first of his wives to welcome a child into the family. The first of the Browns’ children, Logan, was born in May 1994, one year after Kody and Janelle spiritually wed.

The next of Kody’s wives to give birth was Christine, welcoming Kody’s first daughter, Aspyn, in March 1995. Kody would then welcome three more daughters over the course of one year.

Here’s a rundown of Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s 18 kids

Meri’s only child, Mariah, who came out as transgender in June 2022 and now goes by Leon, was the next to be born in July 1995, followed by Kody and Janelle’s first biological daughter, Madison (Maddie), in November 1995.

Kody and Christine welcomed their second biological daughter, Mykelti, in June 1996. The following year, Kody and his wives welcomed four biological sons in succession.

Hunter, who is Kody and Janelle’s second-eldest son, was born in February 1997, followed by their third-eldest son, Robert (Garrison), in April 1998.

Christine welcomed her and Kody’s only biological son, Paedon, in August 1998. Robyn’s son, Dayton – whom she shares with her ex-husband David Jessop and Kody adopted in 2015 – was born in January 2000. Kody and Janelle welcomed their youngest son, Gabriel, the following year.

Kody and his wives welcome several daughters following a slew of sons

Following the burst of boys in the Brown family, Kody and his wives welcomed four more girls in a row, including Robyn’s two daughters from her previous marriage, whom Kody has legally adopted.

Christine and Kody welcomed Gwendlyn in October 2001. Robyn’s eldest daughter, Aurora, was born in April 2002. Christine gave birth to Ysabel in June 2003. Robyn’s other daughter, Breanna, entered the world in April 2004.

Savanah, Janelle and Kody’s youngest child, was born in December 2004, and Christine and Kody’s youngest child, daughter Truely, came into the world on April 13, 2010. Truely’s birth was the first of the Brown family’s to be documented on Sister Wives, as longtime viewers will remember during Season 1.

Kody and Robyn share two biological children, the youngest of the supersized Brown brood. Their son Solomon was born in October 2011, and their daughter, Ariella, was born in January 2016. Both Solomon and Ariella’s births were featured during episodes of Sister Wives.

Which of Kody Brown’s children are married and have kids?

Of Kody’s 18 children, four are married, and two have welcomed grandchildren into the family.

Madison was the first of the Browns’ children to get hitched. She and Caleb Brush wed on June 4, 2016. Their nuptials were captured for an episode of Sister Wives, and Kody was the officiant for the ceremony.

Madison and Caleb are parents to two children: Axel James, 5, and Evangalynn Kodi, 3. They’re also expecting their third child in February 2023.

Just seven months after Madison and Caleb tied the knot, Mykelti and her husband, Tony Padron, wed on December 17, 2016. They’re now parents to three children: 1-year-old daughter Avalon Asa, and twin sons Archer Banks and Ace McCord, who were born in November 2022.

Aspyn wed her husband, Mitch Thompson, on June 18, 2018, and their wedding was also featured on an episode of Sister Wives.

With such a large family, it’s a wonder how Kody and his wives keep track of everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries!

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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