Where is Michael Ilesanmi? Here’s what we know about the 90 Day Fiance star’s whereabouts

michael ilesanmi 90DF HEA S8
90 Day Fiance fans are concerned about Michael’s whereabouts. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans are curious about Michael Ilesanmi‘s location amid his and Angela Deem’s tumultuous marriage.

This season on Happily Ever After?, we’re watching the events leading up to Michael receiving his U.S. visa, and so far, it hasn’t been pretty.

Angela accused Michael of scamming her, which resulted in drinks being thrown, obscenities being shouted, and phones being confiscated—you know, the usual antics between these two.

But on Sunday night, Angela seemed relieved after buying Michael’s story that he joined the online chat, Paradise Men, to learn how to earn his visa.

We know that Michael has already made it to America off-screen, but things have been anything but happily ever after.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Michael went missing earlier this year.

Angela claimed that Michael disappeared with nothing but “the clothes on his back” but he was found safe just days later.

Michael was spotted having a blast in Indiana

We know Michael is in the States, but we still don’t know whether he moved back into Angela’s Hazlehurst, Georgia, home or relocated elsewhere.

However, some 90-Day Fiance fans have spotted Michael, and they claim that he’s living hundreds of miles away from Angela.

In May of this year, @mazitundeednut on Instagram reported that Michael was spotted partying it up in Indiana and shared a video of him enjoying himself on the dance floor.

In the recording, Michael is tossing money at an unidentified woman as they dance together, snap selfies with fellow partygoers, and pose in a photo booth, looking happy and carefree.

Michael could be in Texas

Last month, unsubstantiated claims were reported that Michael was living in Texas.

According to Angela, she wants to make her estranged husband’s life a living hell by filing a lawsuit against him for committing marriage fraud.

Angela also said she would pressure 90 Day Fiance producers not to allow Michael to appear in future seasons or spinoffs.

While Angela continues to slam her husband online, Michael has been teasing his Instagram followers about his whereabouts.

Since resurfacing on Instagram, Michael has geotagged his location as “SOME WHERE” on several occasions.

In his photos, like the Instagram Story selfie seen below, Michael has been posing in rooms that don’t seem to match the backgrounds in Angela’s Georgia home.

michael ilesanmi's instagram story selfie
Michael snaps a mirror selfie for his followers. Pic credit: @mykol_01/Instagram

Where Michael is these days may not be clear, but one thing is sure: 90 Day Fiance fans are rooting for Michael to regain his independence and live his best life in the Land of the Free.

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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