Where is Jill Duggar from Counting On?

Jill Duggar at her wedding
Jill Duggar is no longer filming Counting On. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar has been noticeably absent from Counting On for several seasons now. She helped to originate the spin-off from 19 Kids and Counting, and now, she is no longer a part of the show.

While Jill didn’t have the issues that Josh Duggar had which caused the show to be taken off the air, her husband, Derick Dillard did make some problems for their little family. Now, there have been three seasons without the Dillards and it doesn’t look like they will ever be back.

Why isn’t Jill Duggar filming Counting On?

Derick Dillard took to social media to slam Jazz Jennings. She is a transgender teen who has been appearing on TLC to share her story. Derick decided to not only speak out against the show but also the network who was currently employing him.

After a huge outcry from viewers, who were upset by the things Derick Dillard said, TLC decided to cut ties with him. They made an announcement that Derick wouldn’t be back on Counting On, which in turn ended up with Jill Duggar leaving the show as well.

Unfortunately, the two are no longer a part of the big family filming events.

What is Jill Duggar up to now?

Right now, Jill Duggar is working on building her social media following. She has been sharing a lot of content on her blog, partnering with clothing brands to change up her style, and working on homeschooling her oldest boy.

She is holding down the family while Derick Dillard attends law school. He is expected to finish school in 2021, and from there, it is unclear what the family intends to do.

Jill Duggar still sees her family and attends events with them, but she is no longer filming for TLC with them.

Counting On is expected to return sometime this summer on TLC.

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