Where do Barbie and Xandi stand after explosive Below Deck finale?

Barbie Pascual and Xandi Oliver on Below Deck
Barbie and Xandi did not leave Below Deck on good terms. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Season 11 ended with an explosive van fight between Barbie Pascual and Xandi Olivier.

The final crew night out was far from a happy evening for Barbie, who ended up leaving St. David early and going to a resort.

Barbie and Xandi clashed throughout Below Deck Season 11, with things coming to a head during the van ride home on the last night out.

It was definitely one of the more drama-filled endings to any season in the hit yachting franchise.

Since there won’t be a Below Deck Season 11 reunion, fans had to wonder where things stand with the two stews today.

Thanks to Captain Kerry Titheradge, we now have that answer.

Where do Barbie and Xandi stand after explosive Below Deck Season 11 finale?

Captain Kerry had a watch party for the finale of Below Deck Season 11. Several members of the Below Deck family were in attendance.

Two of those Below Deck stars were Xandi and Barbie, who got together to give an update on where they stand today. Barbie took to Instagram to share a fun video revealing that the drama is behind them.

Captain Kerry jumped into the frame first, and Barbie soon followed suit. Then Xandi came on-screen to announce she was there too.

“We are here to tell you that we’re all good,” Barbie expressed.

Xandi hugged Barbie while adding, “We made up.”

It was smiles all around for the three Below Deck crew members who were clearly having the best time and had put the Season 11 drama behind them.

“Update: Nothing but love 💕,” was Barbie’s caption on the IG post.

Barbie also did an IG Live where she admitted that Xandi had reached out to her recently and apologized but kept the details private.

Will Below Deck’s Barbie Pascual return for Season 12?

As Monsters and Critics reported, Below Deck Season 12 has been confirmed and spotted filming in St. Sint Maarten earlier this month. Barbie expressed during her Live that she would love to work for Captain Kerry again as a chief stew.

However, that doesn’t seem likely for Below Deck Season 12, as Fraser Olender has been spotted filming alongside Captain Kerry. It isn’t surprising that Fraser will be back as he seems to have become the choice to fill Kate Chastain’s shoes, not that anyone can replace her.

There’s also speculation that Sunny Marquis was spotted filming, even though her boyfriend, Ben Willoughby, definitely won’t return. After all, Ben has been dissing the show and Captain Kerry all season long, recently blasting the captain for his treatment of the crew and production staff.

Season 11 of Below Deck has ended, but one feud has been squashed. Xandi Oliver and Barbie Pascual have made up.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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randy dean pietz
randy dean pietz
18 days ago


14 days ago

Fraser never should have been back after season 10, he makes it hard to watch. The way Fraser wanted to fire Barbie right off the bat and never really tried to work with her is bs. The way all of them laughed about her leaving the last night was cold. Fraser never followed captains instructions to work with her. He should have learned from the previous season when he got rid of the wrong person and had more problems after, he almost did again, it would have been difficult to keep going without Barbie. Also Ben is an a*s always touching women, Sunny and all women deserve better. Kyle should grow up and stop showing his d×ck every where. One day he will expose it in the wrong place and either get it hurt or stung or get arrested for it.