Below Deck stars Ben Willoughby and Sunny Marquis ‘are still together’

Ben Willoughby and Sunny Marquis on Below Deck Season 11
Sunny and Ben finally revealed their relationship status. Pic credit: @marie.marq/Instagram

After months of teasing Below Deck fans about his relationship status, Ben Willoughby has finally confirmed that he’s still dating Sunny Marquis.

The Below Deck Season 11 couple had a rocky boatmance thanks to Ben’s flirty ways and unresolved feelings for his ex-girlfriend Camille Lamb.

However, at the end of the charter season, Ben had caught real feelings for Sunny, and they decided to make a go of it off the boat.

We knew Ben had a girlfriend, something he had admitted more than once since Season 11 began.

Now that the Below Deck finale has aired, Ben and Sunny have finally confirmed their relationship status.

It turns out they have been together for well over a year and are happier than ever.

Below Deck stars Ben Willoughby and Sunny Marquis ‘are still together’

Taking to Instagram earlier today so as not to give any Below Deck spoilers, Sunny and Ben shared a joint message to announce their romance is going strong.

“Yes you guessed it 😜 we are still together! Finally we can let go of the secrecy that has been held for the past 15 months. We want to thank you all for the support throughout season 11 @belowdeckbravo it’s been a rollercoaster to relive the season and the beginning of a relationship. We ended up traveling the globe together last year and Sunny made her way to Australia for Christmas. Anyways, hoping you all enjoyed the season. Sunny and Ben xx,” read the caption on their IG posts.

A series of photos of their time together also accompanied the message. One of which Ben recently used during an Instagram Stories Q&A session to reveal he was taken but hid the face of his lady love.

Ben also shared three pictures on Instagram Stories to share his happy news. The first was from the final crew night out, during which Sunny and Ben decided to pursue a relationship.

Another picture featured Sunny smiling with flowers and Ben writing, “We did go on that date.” Finally, Ben shared the same photo they used in their social media announcement to reveal again, “Yes we are still dating.”

Ben IG Stories
Ben shows off relationship with Sunny. Pic credit: @wanderingwilloughby/Instagram

Will Sunny Marquis and Ben Willoughby return for Below Deck Season 12?

Because Ben and Sunny have been dating for over a year, fans can’t help but wonder if they will return for Below Deck Season 12 together.

It should surprise no one that Ben definitely won’t be back for another season. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Ben has slammed the show more than once, even threatening to expose the truth about Below Deck.

Ben has also attacked Captain Kerry Titheradge several times during Season 11. Most recently, Ben declared that the captain had treated the crew and the production team badly.

Sunny, though, might be back as a Reddit thread shared a photo that certainly looks like her filming the show in St. Maarten, but fans are mixed about whether or not it’s the lead deck.

It will be a long wait for Below Deck fans to find out if Sunny is back for Season 12.

In the meantime, we will undoubtedly get more updates on Ben Willoughby and Sunny Marquis’ real-life romance.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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