Where are Vanessa and Tres from Married at First Sight Season 3 now?

Vanessa and Tres sit together on the couch
Vanessa and Tres agree to work on their marriage after the six-week experiment. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight recently concluded Season 12 in Atlanta, however that wasn’t the first time the show matched Atlanta couples.

Way back in Season 3, Married at First Sight switched things up by leaving the New York/New Jersey area and matching eligible singles in Atlanta for the first time. 

Among the three couples chosen that season, Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell looked the best on paper and seemed like they could potentially have the brightest future. But, in the end, what looked good on paper for the pair was shredded to pieces in reality. 

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Vanessa and Tres struggle with trust 

Vanessa and Tres had an outdoor wedding and both were instantly attracted to each other. Tres surprised Vanessa by proposing to her right there at the altar. 

They both agreed that they had chemistry and saw potential in their relationship going the distance, but things took a turn during the honeymoon. 

Vanessa learned that Tres hadn’t put much thought into signing up for the show and signed up more spontaneously. Most men who join MAFS are actually recruited so it made sense that Tres felt this opportunity came to him rather than that he deliberately sought out this opportunity to marry a stranger. 

Vanessa became emotional and worried that Tres hadn’t fully put his bachelor and party boy days behind him. She expressed her desire for Tres to have more of a “husband mentality.”

During the six-week experiment, her trust in Tres became more and more fragile. She acknowledged she had trust issues and Tres allegedly coming home drunk from nights of partying made Vanessa continually question her husband’s commitment level.

The couple did have positive moments where they tried to understand each other and enjoy married life. They chose to focus on the good times come Decision Day when both said yes and agreed to see where their marriage could go.

Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t go far. Despite both of them putting in the effort to stay together, they eventually announced their surprising divorce. 

Where are Vanessa and Tres now?

After their season wrapped, Vanessa returned to the MAFS franchise. She starred in Married at First Sight: Second Chances, alongside fellow Season 3 costar David Norton. 

Men from all over Atlanta competed for Vanessa’s love for weeks and she eventually entered into an engagement with one of the contestants, Andre Forbes. However, the two are no longer together.

Currently, Vanessa appears to still be happily single and traveling all over the world. On social media, she shares gorgeous photos from her trips and yoga ventures and recently posted a floral selfie from her time in Hawaii. 

She also appears to have founded a business, SoulWick Co., that is coming soon and throws birthdays for her sweet pup, Nola. 

Tres moved to Louisville although his bio states that “ATL still has a piece of me.”

On Twitter, Tres posts mostly about sports and things that inspire him.

Tres appears to be very close to his family and friends and has not gone public about whether he is currently in a relationship or not, but he did maintain a friendship with fellow MAFS Season 3 star, Neil Bowlus, after filming.  

While both Tres and Vanessa don’t appear to be married, they are still living well and pursuing other joys in life.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime

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