When will the Big Brother 25 cast get kidnapped?

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It’s almost time for the Big Brother 25 cast to take over CBS primetime.

The new season will feature three hours of primetime coverage each week starring a new group of houseguests.

Production announced that it is an all-new group of players, with no returners from the past.

To mark the 25th season of the show, many fan-favorites are going to play a role, though.

In a teaser trailer for BB25, past winners were used to create some buzz.

There is also a television special being filmed by ET that will air this summer.

For fans who haven’t heard the news yet, the Summer 2023 season of Big Brother will be longer than usual.

Getting sequestered to play on Big Brother 25

When the Big Brother cast gets sequestered, they are taken from the real world and placed in a hotel.

The future houseguests get cut off from the real world, and they get ready to play the season.

When producers scoop up the houseguests from their hometowns, quick segments are filmed to show them getting a house key.

That process is typically called “getting kidnapped” by former houseguests.

And once they have been kidnapped, the waiting game begins until the first episode starts filming.

Below is a video showing the Big Brother 11 cast members getting their keys.

When does the sequester begin for the Big Brother 25 cast?

For the Big Brother 24 season, the first episode aired on July 6.

Ahead of that start date, the BB24 cast got kidnapped on June 22.

That put the houseguests into sequester for nearly two weeks, allowing them to quarantine and prepare for the long summer ahead.

The start date for the BB25 cast is on August 2, so it is relatively easy to track back from that day.

It stands to reason that the Big Brother 25 cast will get gathered up and sequestered on July 19.

Breaking down the calendar means the cast will be in Los Angeles in less than a month to begin playing the game.

Shortly after the sequester begins, producers will take BB25 cast photos are start releasing information to the fans.

More news from Big Brother

A Big Brother showmance is doing a new podcast. It will provide a deeper look into their lives and what they call a “messy” marriage.

And outside of the game, fans are voting on the best Big Brother season in the history of the reality competition show.

To view past seasons of Big Brother, they can be streamed on Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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