Big Brother fans voting on the best season

Julie Chen Big Brother Interview
Host Julie Chen Moonves sends home a houseguest ahead of Big Brother 25 Wall Competition. Pic credit: CBS

Many Big Brother fans have been taking part in polls to determine the best season.

Some interesting results have come out through several rounds of voting.

And now the fans are close to making a final decision.

Recency bias may be playing into the vote. But fan polls are always interesting.

The Twitter page for Big Brother Access has been running the polls, giving fans something to do during the offseason.

And it’s possible that the results could lead to many arguments among fans.

What is the best season of Big Brother?

The “semifinals” for this particular Big Brother poll have been reached. And the place to weigh in is linked below.

Once the top two seasons have been determined, one final vote will take place to decide the best season for Big Brother.

It’s not an exact science with this poll, but it shows how many Twitter users feel about past seasons.

So far, it has become clear that many fans love Big Brother 6, Big Brother 10, and Big Brother 24.

BB6 was the season that introduced Janelle Pierzina, BB10 featured Dan Gheesling, and BB24 took place last summer.

Some results from the Big Brother poll

In some earlier votes, BB24 beat BB2, BB7 beat BB12, and BB10 beat BB8. The results from those votes are shared below.

Those votes happened after BB24 beat BB1, BB7 beat BB18, and BB10 beat BB15 in the first round.

There might be many Taylor Hale fans voting in these polls.

Big Brother Poll Results
Big Brother poll results. Pic credit: @BigBroAccess/Twitter

A new season of Big Brother hopes to be a success

A new season of Big Brother debuting on Wednesday, August 2.

The BB25 cast has not been revealed, but it is all-new houseguests.

A $750,000 prize is on the line again, with someone soon to join the ranks of Big Brother winners from the past.

The Big Brother 25 season has also been extended.

Providing some bonus content for the fans will be a nice treat for fans looking to enjoy some television in the fall.

And outside of the show, a Big Brother showmance is starting a podcast. This will help fans to keep up with a famous duo.

Additionally, BB21 winner Xavier Prather got engaged. The former member of the Cookout Alliance shared some great photos from the day he popped the question to his girlfriend.

To watch some of the classic seasons that are doing well in these popularity polls, past episodes can be streamed on Paramount+, Hulu, and Netflix.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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