When is The Traitors 2 season finale? A look at the schedule

Peter The Traitors
Peter Weber from The Traitors 2. Pic credit: Euan Cherry/Peacock

The Traitors 2 is nearing its end on Peacock this winter.

The reality competition show is turning in impressive streaming numbers, leading to Peacock ordering The Traitors 3 already.

Rumors have already been floating around social media about people who could play the game next, with many possibilities for great casting.

Two Traitors have already been discovered this season. Dan Gheesling from Big Brother got Banished first, followed quickly by Parvati Shallow from Survivor.

Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta was the final Traitor standing, but she extended an offer to someone new at the end of Episode 7.

Episode 8 begins with Kate Chastain from Below Deck revealing whether she decided to become a Traitor or get Murdered by Phaedra.

When is The Traitors 2 season finale?

The Traitors 2 season finale debuts on Thursday, March 7, at 9/8c on Peacock.

New episodes of The Traitors 2 also debut on February 22 and 29.

Only three episodes are left for the Faithfuls to eliminate the Traitors and win that cash prize.

Bergie was Murdered, and Parvati was Banished in Episode 8, leaving 10 people in the castle.

Several key alliances hold power, but if Kate accepts the power and becomes a Traitor, it would strengthen Phaedra’s place in the game.

Two people from The Real World and The Challenge remain, as Chris “CT” Tamburello and Trishelle Cannatelia carry the torch for MTV.

Two housewives also remain, with Sheree Whitfield and Phaedra trying to hang on.

Peter Weber from The Bachelor, Kevin Kreider from Bling Empire, Sandra Diaz-Twine from Survivor, Mercedes “MJ” Javid from Shahs of Sunset, and politician John Bercow are the final remaining players.

Does Peter regret not becoming a Traitor when he had the chance? Stay tuned to find out!

More reality television news

Cody Calafiore from The Traitors USA Season 1 got married. The Big Brother: All-Stars winner tied the knot with many reality TV people in attendance.

The Survivor 46 cast bios were released. This new season features 18 brand-new players.

Host Jeff Probst also revealed info about Survivor 47 and Survivor 48. It’s an early tease about what’s coming from CBS.

And a Big Brother feud is underway due to The Traitors. It began after Dr. Will Kirby guest-starred on a recent episode.

Previous episodes of The Traitors 2 are available for streaming on Peacock. The Traitors USA Season 1 is also available for streaming.

The Traitors 2 airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Peacock.

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